City Votes in Favour of Municipal Autism Strategy


City Council voted unanimously in favour of the implementation of a Municipal Autism Strategy.

This strategy will be used as a way to bring awareness to the services offered here in the Sault, through the Ontarians with Disabilities Accessibility Advisory Committee, which will be requested to strike a sub-committee dedicated to working with community partners to develop a municipal autism strategy to assist families, caregivers and individuals dealing with an autism diagnosis and to create a roadmap for the autism community in shaping the future development of the community.

Mover Counc. Vezeau-Allen stressed to council members that this strategy “isn’t a knee-jerk reaction” to the current changes the Provincial Government has made, but rather something that has been in the works for about 10 years, when Terry Sheehan was her Ward Two Councillor.


  1. Everything costs. So what will you be diverting funds away from to buy votes next election. Either that or back to raise more taxes?

    • A community is judged by how it treats its most marginalized and vulnerable.
      I’d rather have my taxes rise a wee bit to help my fellow citizens out.
      I’d rather pay a little now then a whole lot later (preventive upstream approach).

  2. I moved here for a better life after several negative interactions with the police where I come from when in crisis. I, unfortunately, went into crisis back on Feb 13th, I was really shocked how well trained the police were. I am not a custom to being treated with respect when in crisis. It was an incident on a bus that triggered it and even the staff at transit knowing I have Autism sent me photos of the bus I am obsessed with in an email to help me feel better. This city is a beautiful city I am so happy I chose to live here

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