Council Approves Changes to Traffic Lights, GFL Partnership

Civic Centre

After a discussion regarding costs and semantics, council voted unanimously to bring in California-based live entertainment consulting company Venue Coalition to help book acts at the GFL Memorial Gardens.

Venue Coalition is expected to bring in a minimum of two to three acts in order to maintain their end of the contract, but Community Director Brent Lamming is optimistic that that number will be much higher, as the company already brought one act in (U2) last year, before the partnership was even a thought.

Council voted in favour for a one-year contract, bringing it back to the table for review at the end.

Venue Coalition has brought big names, such as Brad Paisley, Jeff Dunham and Toby Keith to Sudbury Community Centre within the last year.

Other items council unanimously voted in favour at Monday’s meeting were to disable advanced green lights in the city from 9 p.m. until 6 a.m., in hopes of lowering unnecessary idling and wait times when there’s only one vehicle at an intersection, as well as to ensure that any new stop signs put up during construction where lights are removed are to have flashing lights above them for a minimum of one year. Council voted to explore this initiative once a report from Public Works and Transportation is completed with recommendations.


  1. Given the number of ‘armed’ wannabe welfare gangsters driving around, suspended & hopped up on heroin. The ‘machete-wielding’ top-10 wanted Wednesday suicide-squad, chasing each other down for another point of Fentanyl & the dozens of crack-whores out there jumping into or onto anything parked in their line of sight.. sitting under or next to anything that’s blinking is probably not a good idea.

    One might be better advised of the lack of a Police presence at night & or their ‘new’ prioritized response time, if they bother to show up at all.. make a responsible judgement call & stay safe out there, just sayin.

    Strange daze indeed..

  2. How much money is Venue Coalition being paid? Article is sorely missing that context. Sault Star reports $18,500, which doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.

    Traffic lights seem like a good, common sense change to me.

  3. Every light in the soo should be set to flashing red to be treated like a 4-way after 12am-6am I sat at the lights down by Queen marinea for 15 minutes last night

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