Despite Opposition, Council Votes to Forge Ahead with Apartment Tower


Residents congregated in Council Chambers during Monday evening’s meeting to voice their concerns in regards to the proposal of a 12-storey luxury complex to be built on the vacant land at Gladstone Ave and McDonald Ave.

This complex, which will be geared to the demographic of an aging population, is slated to have 90-units as well as some common areas, such as an exercise room and community kitchen. Raised gardens and covered parking areas are also in the design, keeping seniors in mind.

Developer Joe Ruscio said he hopes to create a community vibe, allowing for more socialization for seniors.

Neighbours to the current empty lot that has been a snow-removal site for the last 30 years voiced concerns  – such as ambience, aesthetic, vibration damage to their aging homes, traffic increases, sightlines and overall lack of blending in with the older houses in the neighbourhood – and offered solutions, such as choosing a different site for the complex or, at least, having council defer the decision to allow residents more time to communicate with the developers, who held an open house in March with a turnout of 13 people.

“This is one of the more conflicting issues I’ve had to deal with as a Ward Councillor,” Coun. Dufour said, talking about the need to “balance the concerns of his constituents with the need for the growth and opportunities of the city.”

Councillors Gardi and Scott also expressed their difficulty with this issue, thanking everyone on all sides for coming out to the meeting.

“We are a community,” Coun. Hollingsworth said before the vote, also thanking everyone in attendance.

“We all care about where this community is going and we all have a good heart.”

Despite the plethora of concerns, and after a lengthy conversation between council members, city staff, developers and the opposing residents to gain some clarity on those concerns as well as concerns about the land being viable to build on (which has been determined yes, providing they build up and not out), City Council voted in favour (with Coun. and Acting Mayor Vezeau-Allen – Provenzano sat out due to conflict of interest – in opposition) to go ahead with the project, which currently doesn’t have a start date.


  1. Typical you can bet the gully will probably get filled in even though they say not? A building for seniors I hope the doors are wider for wheelchairs and walkers and the bathrooms are equipped properly?

  2. I watched the discussion at council last night regarding this project and when it came to the end I had the real impression that councillors had already made up their minds to approve this building before any submissions were made. Councillors were going through the motions of allowing people to speak hoping to make themselves look good. The final straw was no discussion/debate at the end and it went straight to the vote .It is not NIMBY is the height of the building in that location, it will stick out like a sore thumb on the landscape, not enhance it, added to which it is a butt ugly building.

    • Though we have never met in person, I sure would have liked for you to be present last evening, in person.

  3. I don’t have a problem with this new (ugly) building and perhaps even another one or two of them, but not in the location they have chosen. It should be downtown with a real view.

  4. Wait a moment hear people, don’t we have a little building in the downtown core that is still empty?
    Yes speaking of the Windsor Park. Do we really need more people crying over new building when so many are watching a beautiful building fall apart before our eyes.

    • It is too bad you were not present with all due respect in the true sense and others.

      I would have liked there to have been at least 150 to two hundred locals to help get their attention
      to reasonable thinking rather than pointless planning that wrecks not enhancing anything.

      The excuse of ” COMMUNITY ” or ” SENIOR ” the latter in a belittling manner with the first nothing more than another con job as their motivation, albeit, I have not gone into detail does not fool, confuse or manipulate me.

      There is no logical reasoning for this to have been passed nor unanimously for goodness sakes.

      I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind.

        • So why wast yours including Mr. Sid Davison !

          There is no excuse! I am not responsible for the lying about me and trickery

          You are expected to be of civil behavior.

          • Correction _ So waste both of yours?

            There is no excuse, I am not responsible for the lying about me and trickery.

            You are expected to be of civil behaviour.

    • There is really no connection between the WINDSOR and this new building on Gladstone. The builders/owners of the Gladstone site have nothing to do with the Windsor. They will build a beautiful building on land THEY OWN. The Windsor an still be developed by other interested parties…and it should be.It would make a great home for seniors looking for smaller less expensive aprtments.

    • It is not a nice thing nor even a need or logical management.

      Definitely not in my mind.

    • For sure?(question mark)

      That is in case you are thinking what I am Mr.Hennessy?

      Not that I think your thoughts are of no significance.

  5. Thanks for catching my spelling error! I corrected it on the article, but unfortunately that doesn’t change it on the Facebook post, which has a lot of traffic, hence why I didn’t delete it and repost it 🙂

  6. Quit stopping everything that tries to do something in this city .
    Wonder why we are stuck in a rut, doesn’t matter what anyone tries they have to fight to get it passed.
    Smarten up City Hall 😧

    • Smarten up? Council approved the project in the end…and from what I saw, a lot of questions were asked and a lot of comments were made. In the end I think the right decision was made, and the bigger picture was seen. If it was not passed, what is that going to show to others looking to invest in our economy?

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