Drivers travelling in both directions must stop!

school bus lights

School Bus Safety

The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service regularly receives complaints from the public about drivers not properly stopping for school buses.

We encourage all motorists to use caution while travelling in Sault Ste. Marie and Prince Township, and to remain vigilant for vehicles transporting students to and from school.

Please know the rules;

  • drivers travelling in both directions must stop for a stopped school bus with its upper red lights flashing
  • when you approach the bus, stop at a safe distance (approximately 20 metres is recommended) to let children get on or off the bus and cross the road
  • do not move forward until the upper red lights have stopped flashing or the bus begins to move

Drivers can be charged if they pass a stopped school bus with its upper red lights flashing. A first offence carries a minimum fine of $490 and six demerit points. Multiple violations can result in fines as high as $4,000, six demerit points and possible jail time. Vehicle owners can be charged if their vehicle illegally passes a stopped school bus, even if they weren’t driving.

We also encourage parents to discuss school bus and road safety with their children. The more knowledgeable everyone is, the more likely we are to avoid a serious incident.

By working together and obeying traffic laws we hope to prevent incidents and assure all students stay safe.


  1. I don’t think higher fines would help. People who don’t care about stopping for a school bus aren’t concerned about fines.

  2. Got to remember , our young kids gets out of the bus ,,, in a rush ,, ,, to get home ,, to chat with there friends ,,, so,,,,,,, they dont look at whats driving next to the bus ,,,, SAD yes they could get hurt ,, or ,, lets be to the point , driving fast could kill that youngster , racing to get home ,.. we all need to STOP , , PERIOD , ,, AND SAVE A LIFE ,

  3. I think of children are always dropped off on the sidewalk and not forced to cross the road in any circumstance it would be much safer and no need to stop traffic both directions I think the safety issue arises when the children need to cross in the front of the bus which they shouldn’t have to

  4. If the buses are on a busy thoroughfare such as McNabb they are not making kids cross four lanes why is it mandatory for oncoming traffic to stop just a question doesn’t make sense

  5. They need to increase the fines…maybe stop light cameras on every bus…up to 10000$ fine…loss of license…vehicle…maybe then ppl will get the hint

  6. Unreal ppl are still too stupid to realize this simple rule…it takes all of a minute or two to stop wait for the lights and be on your way again…there is nowhere u have to be in that much of a rush and risk hitting a kid.

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