Employees Protest Late Pay


Several disgruntled employees are taking their fight with a west end restaurant to the picket line.

Some employees of Mark’s Breakfast in the Market Mall say the owner is failing to pay the staff their full paycheques.

Deborah Langille, a cook and server held a single person picket outside the establishment Wednesday of this week and said other employees are planning a picket on Friday.

Mark Mattalo told ONNtv / SaultOnline.com he was not aware of any strike or protest but explained that the business is suffering to stay afloat.

“Since Christmas Time, the restaurant slowed down a lot, I’ve been behind on bills and payroll”.

He claims the employees agreed to late paycheques.

Langille said she has not been paid since December.  “He owes me well over $3,000 in wages, I stayed because of the crew we had”

The struggles of running a small business is taking its toll on Mattalo

“I need $1,000 for gas tomorrow or I might have to shut the doors” Mattalo said.  That’s  something he has been fighting off he says . “I don’t want to close the door on the place and hurt everyone”

He claims the business has hurt him personally, not being able to pay himself and he is now behind on his own personal bills while trying to keep the diner open.

When the business first started Langille said the employees were making a more than reasonable wage stating “I was making $400 a day with tips and everything”.

Langille said she had to quit and look for another job but still wants what is owed to her.

Mattalo said  “Langille wasn’t working enough to demand money she feels she’s owed.”

Langille also stated she could not comment on the other shifts that work in the restaurant, only the seven people that worked on her shift.

The restaurant was closed on Friday with a sign on the door stating “medical emergency”. It is not certain if the restaurant will remain closed at this time.


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    Mae Butt
    Mae Butt Did you read this article?? Mattalo’s comment regarding Langille and I quote: Langille wasn’t working enough to demand money she feels she’s owed”. Whether you work one shift or 5 shifts, you still have to pay your staff. And to comment “demand money she feels she’s owed??? She worked the hours, pay her. She has every right to “demand” what’s owed to her. You’re an ####### Mark. You claim you can’t pay your staff, but you can buy yourself a Mustang and go to the Casino’s nightly. Go ahead and deny you hang out at the casino, there’s cameras, and I’m sure your members card has many points recorded on it. I had “some” sympathy for you at one time, now , with the comments you’ve made in this interview, my opinion of you has changed drastically. You’re a lying, thieving, #######. That’s my rant for today! 🙂

  2. I worked for Mark in 2017 when he first opened. I started hearing mumbling from kitchen staff that cheques were bouncing…I couldn’t believe it. He had just opened, he was successful, why would the staff not be getting paid? Then one of my cheques bounced for a little over $900.00. I called him, and truth be told, I flipped on him and demanded to be paid the next day. He paid me in full, and I quit on the spot. During the short period of time I worked there, I couldn’t count how many staff got fired for no reason….the man has no clue how to run a business, or how to treat his employees with dignity and respect. Every single staff, every one of us were either accused of being liars, thieves or drug addicts. Ask Mark about his staff, he has nothing good to say about any of them. Not one….ask him, you’ll see, go ahead….I dare ya. Out of his entire staff, not a single one of us was competent except for him.

  3. Watch how much the law protects the owner over the employees… the owners always say they dont have enough ..but you look at the yard or cottage for where all the money is going. Employees should be first. I been through many companies including bankruptcy .. and the law protects the owners interest first.. and the tax code helps them to hide there profits ..why isnt dealing with this Ross Romano .

  4. An elderly gentleman tipped me $100, while I worked there. I turned it in to Mark, in case it was a mistake and he came back. Mark kept giving me the run around, when I asked about it. I quit as a result and he kept it.

    • I recall that. You were tipped that 100.00 but you were concerned the man may have made a mistake so you handed the money over to Mark, in case the man came back looking for his money. He never did. I recall you asking Mark about the money and he claimed it as his own. He said the money belonged to the restaurant. In all the restaurants I’ve worked at, when anything similar to this happened, our employers always gave us the money in the end, always….Mark had no clue how to run a business, and was terrible to the staff, just terrible…never valued a single employee, everyone was “replaceable”. And boy did he replace an awful lot of staff in the less then 2 yrs he was open….

  5. Funny because he was able to buy a mustang before i quit from him not paying me back in dec-jan 2019, i was the only cook most days in the afternoon, he already cut back his hours and was making a grand + a day profit easily…

  6. Funny that this guy runs around saying his employees steal from him, do drugs, shut down cameras etc. But when interviewed by THE NEWS. His reasoning is that “it’s been slow”. Stop lying, not even an apology – or an “I”m doing my best”.

  7. I worked for Mark Mattalo in August of 2017 after he had just opened, I as well as three other’s were never paid, for over a months worth of work, 8 hour shifts 6 days a week to help this guy get out of the trouble he had got himself into. All 4 of us were let go without cause when we brought this to his attention, and still go unpaid to this day. I suggest nobody ever work here as he will not pay you and just fire you to keep you quiet and not telling other employee’s/

      • Revenue Canada don’t do shit , we have East Indians Who pay their employees $10.00 / hr. under table and they get away with this shit

  8. I worked for Mark in March of last year (2018) and many of my cheques were days to a week late and I left when one of my cheques bounced out of my account. This is not new news, Mark should be ashamed

  9. He is pulling the wool over your eyes as he is hiding his assets. Get the employees together and sue him before this goes on any longer. Deadbeat owner.

  10. Mark Mattalo should maybe just file for bankruptcy, he`s obviously in over his head. He can use this as a learning experience. It`s unfortunate that he unfairly hurt other people as part of his learning experience.

  11. A long time ago, I worked for someone who could not make payroll. It was a big outfit – and at some point, businesses and people go through transition. The biggest effort was he held meetings with the whole staff. Kept everyone informed as to why and how it had gotten there. Some left and most stayed – realizing the long effects of the business shut down. We were included in the desisions. The loyality that arose at that time – the friendships are still there today and that company is flourishing still today. Every business goes through change – hopefully management and staff can work collectively! Sending strength to all invested.

    • Right on Tina Fascina. Constant Communication with employees is the key for sincere businesses to make it through these inevitable rough patches.

      Unfortunately some so-called “businesses” are not sincere, and hire a revolving door of employees by either not paying them apparently like Mark’s Breakfast in the Market Mall, OR by laying off new full-time hires before the legal probationary period ends. These so-called “businesses” USE PEOPLE to stuff the owners’ pockets.

      These Mustang-buying, employee-using bloodsuckers give sincere, responsible businesses a bad name.name.

      The only good thing is these bloodsucking owners’ businesses eventually go under.

      But a lot of people get hurt in the process.

      This has got to change.

      Speaking up, and/or going to the Ontario Labour Relations Board after you’ve decided to leave the so-called “employment” is a very good, and appropriate way to go if you’ve spoken to the employer a few times, and aren’t getting satisfaction.

      Citizen Mark Brown

  12. I know in March 2018 I didn’t agree to a bounced pay cheque nor did my daughter! However when Mark was confronted by me, we were paid in cash.


  14. It’s not right not to pay your staff and not cool, but way would you continue going to work after not being paid a month, I am a little confused, I do feel sorry for the ones that weren’t paid.

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