Gas Prices Could Jump 12 Cents Locally


If you’re in need to fill up your gas tank, you may not want to waste anytime.Β  At least one gas station has jumped regular unleaded fuel by 12 cents a litre Tuesday.Β  Most other stations are holding their prices at the $1.27 range as of noon Tuesday, but word has it, other stations may follow the lead at the Shell station at Pine and McNabb street.

Prices in Ontario are averaging $1.28 a litre with the cheapest in Ontario being found at Moraviantown First Nation where prices are $1.09 / litre. Prices have already shot up to $1.34 in Sudbiry. Thunder Bay is posting prices at $1.39.Β  The most expensive gas in North America can be found in Vancouver where one stations crossed the $2.00 a litre threshold on Tuesday, though many are averaging around $1.87 a litre.

Since the beginning of the year, local prices have gone up over 42 cents a litre . In January, prices were as low as 95 cents a litre.


  1. In 6 or 6 weeks everyone will be just paying the price and life goes on.. We were paying more than this a few years back and we all survived.. You could live in Vancouver,, and I doubt McDougal sells the gas out there.. It’s just the price we pay to live in a country as great as this one is. Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, all things considered, with all the crap that’s happening in other countries…

  2. Anyone that buys their gasoline in Sault Ontario needs their head read as long as the McGouger energy monopoly continues to screw us royally at the pumps. On top of this travesty they also overcharge ridiculously on fuel oil and propane to heat our homes. It’s a shame that it’s not possible to deal with US suppliers for heating fuel as well as gasoline.
    There is no excuse besides full blown greed.

  3. It’s insane! Let the pipeline go through….All your environmentalists should be way more worried about the huge Tankers carrying millions of litres of gas through our oceans than oil running through pipelines….A pipeline can be shut off just like your kitchen taps….but if oil spills in the ocean…huge damage…and besides…this is just a cash grab courteousy of Mr. Justin Trudeau.

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