Innovation Centre Hosts Grub at the Hub


Saultites attended Grub at the Hub – a property management session held by the SSM Innovation Centre – on Thursday afternoon at the Accelerator Hub.

During this session, guest speaker and Insightworks Project Coordinator Michelle Lewis spoke about her position with the company as well as some tips and tricks and tools of the trade.

Insightworks is a local company that creates custom onboarding, training and development solutions for companies across the globe. Insightworks started off as an incubator client that started off with the Innovation Centre, and they now have approximately 10 employees and many clients.

This session is the first of three that the Hub is hosting with the purpose of reaching out to local entrepreneurs as well as promoting what the Innovation Centre offers in terms of programs.

Watch the video above for more.

For more information on the SSM Innovation Centre, visit their website here.