Local Students To Walk Out To Protest Ford Government


Local high school students are expected to join thousands of others in Ontario today to walk out of class and protest the Doug Ford government.

The students are protesting changes made to the Ontario Education system introduced by the Ford government including class sizes, teacher job cuts, banning cell phones and cut backs to Autism programs.

Meanwhile, the OPP are advising motorists of the protest in parts of Algoma, and warning area motorists to be aware of of potential traffic delays between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. during their travels today as secondary school students participate in a province wide school walk out in the East Algoma policing cluster.

Central Algoma Secondary School (CASS) will be protesting on Highway 17 near the CASS sign in the town of Desbarats.

W.C. Eaket Secondary School and Ecole Secondaire Jeunesse Nord students will be assembling on Causley Street between Woodward Avenue and Huron Avenue in the Town of Blind River.

Elliot Lake Secondary School students with be assembling on school property and using the sidewalks on Mississauga Avenue and Hillside Drive North.

Ecole Secondaire Villa Francaise Des Jeunes will be assembling on school property on Edinburgh Road in the City of Elliot Lake.

Protest activities may periodically delay or interrupt the normal flow of traffic on area highways and arterial roads.



  1. As a teenager myself, I must say it’s disheartening to see how belittling some adults can be in these comments. Do you have children? Would you not want them to stand for what they feel is right? Of course we are in debt. Of course there needs to be solutions. We are not stupid. We comprehend that. However, education is important and I don’t believe making cuts to our countries future is the answer. I do not disagree with all changes being made by the Ford government, but there are some that I do not agree with. Increasing class sizes, returning to an old sex-Ed curriculum, reducing teaching positions in high schools, and mediatory 4 e-learning credits are some examples of changes that will not benefit students. As for the latter, online courses are not for everyone and it would be cruel to put children in a position in which they cannot learn and succeed to their full potential. We need teachers. Not computers. We need to make the future of our country a priority. The school system is not perfect—it does needed change; however, these are not the changes it needs.

    • Guess you should’ve thought of that on voting day…Or your parents should’ve. PC always cut and slash. Education isn’t the only thing, healthcare and almost everything else will take hits. We’re all stuck with him now…The world will still turn. They fooled me with Harris, but it isn’t my fault this time!

  2. That sign the girl is holding up says it all – “Protect students not guns”.
    Firearm laws are governed federally and have nothing to do with Ford’s provincial government. Once again this walkout shows ignorance of the facts. I fully believe this walkout is teacher fuelled.

  3. Diversity is our strength. Except when it comes to ideology. That’s when the fascists try to limit your speech and call you a nazi or a white supremacist.
    Keep holding your hands out, kids, and complain as long and loud as you can until people are forced to give in to you

  4. This is where kids need to realize how bad our province is in debt. By the ford government making cuts, its cleaning up the mess the liberals made by giving away money like its paper! They don’t realize that they and their kids and their kids will be paying this debt off.. its inevitable, cuts have to be made.

    This is what happens when we let the government do what they want! It’s only going to get worse unless we intervene

  5. It’s great to see teenagers expressing their democratic rights and free speech. Just as the folks here are expressing their free speech by posting negative and ignorant comments. At least there’s hope that the next generation learns from our apathy.

  6. Ford is not going to change his mind. He promised BEFORE the election that he was going to clean up the mess left by the Liberals and that is what he is doing. All segments of the population are going to be hit hard. There is no other choice.

    • There IS a choice and that choice is DONT MESS WITH EDUCATION. Education should never be negatively impacted unless you want our country to turn into a bunch of tards who cant improve this place in the future

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