No Fatalities But Over 10,000 Traffic Charges Laid


The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) wrapped up its provincial seat belt campaign over the Easter Long Weekend with more than 1,000 charges laid against unbuckled drivers and passengers who failed to keep themselves safe.

While the OPP is pleased to report a zero fatality weekend on roads, officers focused on all unsafe behaviours that placed drivers and passengers at risk, laying more than 10,200 traffic-related charges across the province.

The number one offence committed by drivers was speeding, with more than 6,400 speeding charges laid.

During last year’s long weekend seat belt campaign, officers laid over 1,500 seat belt charges, more than 6,500 speeding charges and close to 11,000 traffic-related charges overall.

The weekend charges serve as an important reminder to drivers and other road users that when the OPP targets one particular behaviour during a traffic safety campaign, officers are highly committed to and well-resourced for enforcing all traffic laws.