Northern Training and Post-Secondary See Benefit of Ontario Budget 2019


Budget 2019 plans to make significant upgrades and improvements to training and post-secondary education across the province by working with Colleges and Universities to put incentives in place for postsecondary institutions to provide the education and training students need to ensure they are better equipped for the jobs of tomorrow.

“Sault College has a long history of training apprentices in Northern Ontario in a variety of trades so the government commitment to apprentice training in the new budget is appreciated. The College is particularly pleased about the creation of the new internship program called the Northern Ontario Skilled Labour funding stream, the establishment of programs to encourage people to enter the skilled trades and the creation of a one-window portal that will make entry into an apprenticeship as easy as applying to a College or University,” says Ron Common, President of Sault College. “There is a growing shortage of skilled workers and the College is committed to working with government and employers to address this issue.”

“We are pleased with the provincial budget’s overall direction for postsecondary education,” says Bill Best, President of Cambrian College. “In particular, the mechanisms that support differentiation, the promotion of skilled trades and applied research, streamlining the apprenticeship process, and enhancing internship opportunities and skills upgrading. More so, the budget also addresses the unique challenges facing colleges in the north.”

“NORCAT is very happy with 2019 Ontario Budget- specifically the continued commitment to the NOHFC and the value it brings to drive economic and social prosperity for Northern Ontario,” says Don Duval, CEO of NORCAT. “The creation of the new Northern Ontario Internship Program, which aims to remove restrictive eligibility requirements, is a welcomed reform that addresses an important need in the North.”

“Reforming postsecondary economic performance output via the establishment of the Expert Panel on Postsecondary Intellectual Property is a significant admission that Ontario has not been able to convert enough of its incredible research power into high value jobs. Performing on this item alone will create many thousands of well-paid jobs in the mid-term and build globally competitive companies across Ontario. At SSMIC we have ideas and we will work hard to be part of the solution and bring opportunities back here to the Sault to create jobs here,” says Peter Bruijns, Executive Director Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre.

“I look forward to collaborating with our Northern postsecondary education and innovation centre’s to ensure our workforce has the skills required for the jobs of tomorrow,” Said MPP Romano.

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