Ontario NDP calls on Election Ontario to investigate MPP Ross Romano by-election campaign expenses


TORONTO – The provincial secretary for Ontario’s NDP has sent a letter to Elections Ontario asking the Chief Electoral Officer to investigate the campaign expenses of MPP Ross Romano (Sault Ste Marie).

The letter follows a report from the Globe and Mail that two payments made to Romano’s by-election campaign were above the allowable limit according to the Election Finances Act.  Romano himself calls the issue “concerning.”

The following is the letter sent to the Chief Electoral Officer;

Dear Greg Essensa,
I am writing to you today to ask that you review donations and campaign expenses associated with the 2017 by-election campaign of MPP Ross Romano the Progressive Conservative candidate for Sault Ste. Marie.

On Monday April 22nd, the Globe and Mail reported that two payments, one of $5,000 and one of $2,000 were made to individuals for work on MPP Romano’s campaign. These payments were made through a third party, identified by the Globe as Gursharan “Bobby” Sidhu.

According to the Election Finances Act, donations of either amount would have been well over the allowable limit of $1,200. Additionally, if these were payments made to staff on the campaign, they should have been disclosed by MPP Romano as campaign expenses.
MPP Romano has himself stated that the circumstances surrounding these payments are “concerning”, and so I believe it is all the more important for you to act swiftly to determine why neither payment was accounted for in any official way.

I have attached the relevant article for your review.
Lucy Watson




  1. Romano we all cant go into a candy store with our kids and allow there hands in the candy jar now can we. But i guess its ok for you to put your hand in the cookie jar when no one ls looking right.

  2. It is very sad that there has to be an investigation in Romano. Something prompted this look see despite what Romano claims.

  3. The only relevant question is, will Romano agree to an investigation?…after all, if everything is in order, he should have nothing to fear. Right?

  4. NDP will stoop to any level to avoid their responsibility and collusion in the creation of the fiscal mess that this province is now experiencing.
    Keep up the good work Ross.
    If you weren’t doing something right they wouldn’t be paying so much attention too you!

    • A quick search will bring up Lucy Watson as not a local but an NDP member from Ottawa. Interesting how outsiders are being used to influence our local affairs.

  5. Whorfat and the ndp. Don’t forget they are socialist commies. No respect for anything Canadian especially the poppy and our veterans. They have nothing to offer and look for whatever they can to gain some attention.

    • Derek Crowell the conservatives can no wrong in the eyes of the conservatives, Just show the conservatives will use anything against there opponents for POWER but ignore morality .. even when Ross says its concerning. and the fact is payments was made 7000.00 to Browns girlfriend. this is about Brown, not Ross even though i think he is crap for us ,, but that’s the facts,, a witch hunt is what Ross is doing investigating Wynn,,, that’s a waste of our money .. taxpayers paying for Ford Nation TV is another .. Harris lowering the northern border to include the Muskoka .. that was to take money from the north infrastructural to build a divided highway to the rich playing ground .. that should have been investigated https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-ontario-pc-mpp-not-aware-of-donated-money-to-then-girlfriend-of/

    • Mark Fluter how many investigations allegations has the liberals and ndp imposed in the last term? Every single strong, conservative figure has been interigated. How many were found in the wrong? 0. How many liberals were caught doing wrong? Everyone. They are trying every highschool drama tactic to taint the media. I promise none of you will fact check. Just believe what paid media sources think up

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