Ontario to legalize tailgating; amendment to be introduced in budget


TORONTO — Sports fans in Ontario will soon be able to have a drink and tailgate before a game.

The government will announce in its budget this week that it will legalize the practice often seen in parking lots at sporting events in the United States.

Premier Doug Ford’s executive director of strategic communications tweeted that the change means the government is treating adults like adults.

Tailgating will be made possible by amending a regulation that sets out the terms for special occasion liquor permits.

Permit holders would also be able to sell alcohol on their property.

The news comes after thousands of teachers and supporters descended on the legislature over the weekend to protest education changes, including larger high school class sizes.


  1. You’ve all missed the point. He gave you back your FREEDOM to tailgate, and for vendors to sell you what you want, which didn’t exist before. You’re welcome.

  2. Are tax payers really paying for this law to be put in place omg cut education and health care and pay for something that dosent even need to be a fuckin law I hate canada

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