Province Invests in Sweet Change for Sault Ste. Marie


Ontario’s Government for the people is protecting what matters most, supporting hands-on entrepreneurship and employment training in Sault Ste. Marie, creating two full-time jobs.

Today, Ross Romano, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines, announced the Centre for Social Justice and Good Works is receiving $73,755 to establish a chocolate manufacturing company that will serve as a job training facility.

Our government has made Ontario open for business by focusing our efforts on making our province a leading destination for investment and job creation. We are investing in local businesses like the Sweet Change Chocolate Company, through the Centre for Social Justice and Good Works, which are eager to train and hire, matching them with workers who seek opportunity.

“With our support, the Centre for Social Justice and Good Works will enhance its mentorship and leadership training through its Sweet Change Chocolate Company,” said Parliamentary Assistant Romano. “Sweet Change will provide the tools and space needed to give participants hands-on training, helping them prepare for good jobs and opportunities. Above all, we are letting people know that Northern Ontario is open for business and open for jobs.”

Since opening its doors in 2015, the Centre for Social Justice and Good Works has helped people facing barriers to employment develop life skills and gain work experience to become self-supporting and better employees and entrepreneurs.

“We thank the province for investing in Sweet Change Chocolate Company, which supports our larger training and development initiative,” said Christina Coutu, executive director at the Centre for Social Justice and Good Works. “We’re creating positive change by helping individuals find meaningful employment, start a business or pursue post-secondary education.”


  1. Funding this venture is a complete conflict of interest. I’d love to know how many project were turned down but this receives funding. Why? Because this is run by Jason Naccarato’s wife and Jason is an employee of Ross Romano. Such a shame. This and the funding for the Machine Shop, which is privately owned by Mr. Porco and the building of the new extension will no doubt be tendered to be built by Mr. Porco’s company. Stuff like this makes me sick and sad. There’s so many people trying to do great things that don’t receive funding but if you have the right friends in town, no worries.

  2. EXCELLENT program! This is exactly the kind of program that will create meaningful change in peoples lives. Investing in people over a longer period of time, building employability and entrepreneurial skills in a super postiive learning environment run by true leaders who walk the talk. I’ve worked in the employment field for over 25 years and THIS is the type of program that changes lives, long term. WTG peeps!!

    • James W. Mills cant imagine what it would be? Sweet Change is a social enterprize developed by the Center for Social Justice and Good Works – Christina Coutu put alot of hard work into creating this and gain funding from many sources. It’s a brilliant idea and is already making major change in peoples lives. I doubt there is any conflict – people just like to stir up things – and really bugs me when such a great thing is created in our city – one that I’m sure in the future other cities will want to recreate and truly help people change their future!

    • Dawna Kinnunen thank you! We are creating a program that can be adapted and adopted by other communities. A lot of people focus on the negative. Great news for the Sault!

    • And your point is? Humans require sugars in their bodies to live. Some can’t process sugars properly and thus diabetes.
      Instead of making snide remarks education yourself and then you would learn to not make such idiotic comments.

    • Honestly, this is a great program run by a great organization so I definitely think they deserve the funding. And as far as the conflict of interest stuff going around, it’s a pretty tenuous connection so I won’t be criticizing him for that. All that being said, I agree with the comments that he only comes out of hiding for photo ops!

  3. Whoopdee-shit. 2 jobs. That will help the unemployed in the Soo. But, hey, it IS chocolate and, like $1 beer and booze in corner stores,etc it is obviously a necessity unlike libraries, schools, medicines, nurses, emt’s, forest fire fighters and the list goes on

    • We are hundreds of billions of dollars in the hole because of reckless spending. Our collective belt has to be tightened. Every aspect of government funding needs to be looked at.
      Having said that this type of funding should be frozen across the province for at least 10 years to help solve the debt crisis. The problem is 10 or 20 thousand or even more, given out thousands of times adds us really quickly.

  4. Where are the herb stores that they were so hell bent on opening to bilk everyone with their outrageous prices? They got in way over their heads and now the black market is thriving more than ever, but these clowns are too dumb and stubborn to admit the huge mess they’ve caused.

    • First off, the ‘herb’ stores are the idea of the federal government – Liberals at the helm. Secondly, the entire idea was ill thought out and ‘not ready for prime time’ once given final approval. Blame your federal MP about that. So, it is you who would be too dumb and a clown.

      • If you want to ask Mr. Romano a question send him one. It is that simple. Don’t rely on biased media to get ‘answers’ to whatever unknown question you want answered. Are you sure the media is asking the questions you want to ask?

        • Mr. Romano doesn’t have the time or energy to answer questions or return phone calls.
          If you look up the word “simple” in the dictionary you will find “Jim”

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