Province Seeks Changes To OHIP


There could be sweeping changes to OHIP.

CITY TV reports that the Provincial government is looking at chopping almost $500 million from the provincial health plan.

Such procedures ranging from diabetes services, pain management and colonoscopies could be just a few items that will end up costing you out of pocket.

The Ford government wants to see $100 million in savings by May 1st and another $360 million by September.

If savings can not be found, the government will impose $460 million in cuts to OHIP.

A working group made up of doctors are reviewing procedures that could be cut, in total about 28 services are under review

Health Minister Christine Elliot said in a statement that she is “extremely encouraged by the progress that has been made” by the working group.


  1. The medical services mentioned in this report do not have to be cut if:
    *The government increases the number of medical schools to produce more doctors. Supply would make doctors’ positions competitive as they are in other comparable professions such as those of University professors and PhD research scientists. Competition would reduce cost. Canadian medical doctors are the highest paid among all professions in Canada, yet they follow routine guidelines, protocol and structured procedures in medical care.
    *Medical doctors are paid an annual salary, not remunerated on the basis of the number of patients they see.
    *Hospitals are restructured and redundant layers of administrators eliminated.

  2. Every person that voted for Ford should have known this was coming and more. There will be wake-up call for most defending Ford when suddenly a loved one or yourself finds yourself with a major medical problem and “hard choices are applied” then watch the screaming when there is not money to diagnose or treat them.

  3. After 15 years of uncontrolled liberal spending what do you people expect..I personally think there is other things that should have funding cut but we (The whole province and country) can’t keep spending money we don’t have ..

    • Not horse racing, logo changes, vanity licence plates, personal campers, “subsidy” handouts to developer buddies, signage switches…

      Those are necessary but disabled children, schools and our health aren’t ?

  4. If your diabetes and you need your needles instead of paying for them just go where they give out needles for free tell them your a drug addict . No Cost . pretty sad

  5. I did not nor do I have time to read much yet in the above part.

    Last evening in conversation with a local it was such a pleasant experience to hear reasoning that was actually truthful about scamming.

    Reference was in a general sense on the average not in the least restricted to lower income citizens.

    My communication is really for no wrong purpose or motive without any doubt whatsoever in my mind.

    In case any of you are planning to go to the next OPEN part of the upcoming local municipal government meeting and some of the staff kindly know the following would you? At times others are welcomed to talk without being on the agenda.

  6. No surprise…blame it on Kathleen Wynne. Ford said there would be cuts but to health care is just wrong.

  7. Really is time for a revolution. Screwed by the province,our federal government. Anyone who thinks just putting a different party in place will fix things needs to give their head a shake. Politics is now a business. It`s totally out of touch with its citizens controlled by corporate money.

  8. More friggin’ cuts from Tubby!!!! Hope all the people that voted for this throat-cutter are happy….Christ on a crutch……

  9. I wonder if the minister would have these tests done if their Dr requested it. What a shame. Next thing you know First will be telling us what to eat. Certainly hope Ontario remembers also this “Hitler’ come election time. Can’t come fast enough.

    • They can actually…….they’re having to come up with their own cuts…… it’s up to them. They just won’t do that, regardless of who is in power. That’s the problem with government unions……there is no voice of the people.

  10. “If savings can not be found, the government will impose $460 million in cuts to OHIP.

    Health Minister Christine Elliot said in a statement that she is “extremely encouraged by the progress that has been made” by the working group.”

    What a load of bs. She is encouraged by the process of cutting healthcare

    • I see no problem with it at all. It’s no secret most government run operations are full of fat and excess they’re just rarely forced to do anything about it. This time they’ve been given an option to make things right within or be forced to from without. I think it’s a great idea. I’m not sure allowing the doctors to do it is the proper way to go but time will tell.

    • Bill Kennedy nothing like saving a few dollars, at the cost of patients. Sedation during colonoscopies, pain management medications, and diabetes management are just a few on the chopping block. I love to pay out of my pocket for things that should be covered. Further adding barriers to access of healthcare. But then again, I think it doesn’t matter what this government does because you will always agree with it.

    • Again, you’er still not getting it. Less government employees who are the hugest cost is the goal. Labour is the biggest cost of almost every government and private sector business. Government workers are over paid in wages AND benefits……..that is where the money is going. There isn’t enough money for machines and tests and patient care because it’s being eaten up by a pool of over paid workers. You can’t even fire a government worker who is doing a bad job………the unions are too strong. So……the only recourse is to cut the budgets so they MUST lay off workers. Which will reduce costs and debt. That’s the goal. The Liberal and NDP policy is to just tax people and go into debt to hire more people who are making too much money and doing less efficient work. Sadly both sides are band aid policies. Nothing will fix the problem until the power of the government unions is broken and the labour force can be filled by wages and benefits that are determined by market, competence and competition. Everything is inter-related. Cause and effect. This is why……I think it’s Sweeden(I could be wrong) went with a voucher system. You can use your credits for care at private hospitals or government(they have both). This keeps both private and government run facilities competing to do a better job for the sake of keeping THEIR jobs. Without that desire to streamline, increase performance and provide a better service our medical system and indeed ott government(and debt) as a whole can never get any better. Paying people too much to do less will always fail regardless of who’s flying the banner.

  11. Ya thanks FORD…we’re now going to be covering drug addicts but not diabetics…or cancer patient pre screening how fkd up is that…leave our OHIP alone, we pay enough taxes to cover the world here in Ontario…

      • they get free needles and diabetics have to pay for their their needles or pen tips unless over 65 or on a plan. A box of pen tips are 29 bucks for unifine up to 43 bucks for BD brand. Not all pharmacies carry the unifine. Great if you only take 1 needle a day but insulin dependent people can take 3 or more a day. A lot of cost

    • Cheri Belsito it’s in many many other articles
      If you need reminding naloxone is free for people and so are many other addiction related drugs and services. I work in pharmacy and I see it all the time

    • Linda Moldovan this isn’t about refugees. Don’t try to pin this on them. This is Doug Ford acting in the best interest of his lobbyist friends and ignoring the average Ontario citizen. Blaming refugees is not only very short sighted, it takes our focus away from where it needs to be. We need to be holding Ross Romano, Doug Ford, and every single member of the Ontario PC government who supports this garbage accountable for what they are doing to Ontario healthcare.

    • Melanie D’Orazio I didn’t know I had to be specific…ok..Meth clinics…that give free meth to addicts…I know people who have been on the Meth program WAY longer than they were EVER addicts…it’s obvious this program doesn’t work, but they will continue to get free money…why doesn’t someone open a free diabetic clinic…personally I think you should have a time limit for the meth clinic..if ur not clean in 2 years your out…not 10 years for 15 years and your still addicted because the meth clinic keeps raising ur dose…sickening!

    • Drug addiction is a choice…I don’t know how come they don’t just go to a meeting…like AA have too…you don’t see us giving Alcoholics a bottle of whiskey every day and saying come back tomorrow for another one, this is how you get clean O_O

    • Jasta Deschamps meth or methadone? I don’t work in pharmacy like you but I believe there’s a difference. And if you’re referring to methadone, not everyone is covered. I know some people that have had to pay. I also know some that were able to get off of it with proper assistance from their doctor

    • Melanie D’Orazio I know, I hear it all the time…you don’t hear recovering Alcoholics saying that…drug addicts need to do exactly what Alcoholics had to do…just stop…you don’t think the recovering alcoholics went through withdrawal, body aches, pains, puking, pooping..they did…makes me sick how pathetic drug addicts are…and how they think the world owes them, for they getting themselves addicted!!! Insert your hate comments here _________________________________ lol

    • Cheri Belsito Idk i’m not a recovering drug addict or alcoholic, but I know people who are..doesn’t matter which one it is, it will be covered…we ALL know that…

    • Cheri Belsito LMAO help from their doctor…AS IF…such a crutch…like I mentioned, recovering alcoholics are in the same boat, but we don’t give them a bottle and tell them to come back tomorrow, and this is how we get them off alcohol…so why do we do it for druggies??????????????

    • Cheri Belsito what you just said makes NO logical sense
      If you make a CHOICE to do something which would bring about a certain response then whatever the end result is would still be a choice. You chose to become addicted duh 🙄

    • Cheri Belsito Ok, this is the 2nd time I am saying I don’t work at a pharmacy..LOL but you said it, starting drugs is a choice…CHOICE AND IT’S a choice to continue doing them..wah wah wah….it’s a choice, no one is walking up to them and forcing them to do it!

    • Melanie D’Orazio I’m not addicted to drugs or alcohol. However, I make a choice to drink once in a while but im not addicted to alcohol. Some people make a choice to drink and they end up being alcoholics. So every choice that is initially made by someone won’t have the same end result as someone else. Does that clear it up for you?

    • All this nonsense with disease and such is so ridiculous…what happened to personal accountability? Classifying it as a “disease” is just a sneaky way of making services and drugs related to it covered

    • Cheri Belsito
      Alcoholics don’t have a “casual drink” and fall down the rabbit hole of alcoholism, come on!
      It takes repeated poor life choices
      And as for drugs it’s pretty simple, don’t do them
      Why should the healthcare system have to support all these people when there are other individuals who through no fault of their own have fallen sick and pay taxes to a healthcare system that lets them down

      • Melanie, you are absolutely correct. I have no sympathy for those who by their own choice, choose to become alcoholics or drug addicts. For many that is their lifestyle, making one poor choice after another and then expecting that the rest of us will feel sorry for them and pay the costs for their hospitalization and rehabilitation. The taxpayers, always the taxpayers that have to be responsible for the dregs of society. I am sick and tired of watching these dregs of society who never change anything to become well. It’s a a scam. We may not like Ford but where would be be under the libs or worse, the ndp. Sometimes hard choices need to be made.

    • I’d just like to point out that covering drug addicts was on the liberal party agenda……..look there if you hate it. That’s also one of the “cuts” that could be made by the working group.

    • Addicts are human, and addiction is a disease. It’s an epidemic and people are losing their lives. The government making cuts to healthcare is terrible, but addicts are not to blame for this. I lost my brother who was an addict. He was human, and his life mattered.

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