Provincial Transit and Infrastructure Investments A Sign of Good Things to Come for Northern Ontario Steel


Sault Ste. Marie – Today during Question Period, it was revealed that Sault Ste. Marie’s Algoma Steel Inc. will likely be playing a very substantial role in the Government’s recently announced $28.5 billion transit plan into subway infrastructure in the GTHA.

An infrastructure investment of this nature will require a large quantity of quality steel, as well as many other materials to build. Specifically, there will be a need for high grade quality steel plate. Algoma Steel Inc. in Sault Ste. Marie is the only integrated steel manufacturer in the entire country that makes the type of steel plate that will be needed to complete this project.
“Sault Ste. Marie is home to Algoma Steel, a manufacturer of high quality, CITT certified plate, and we are all thinking that you are going to need a lot of steel to build those subways, and that is going to create a whole lot of jobs!” said Romano during question period.

When asked by the Sault Ste. Marie MPP to expand on the potential opportunities this historic investment could provide to suppliers of steel, like Algoma Steel Inc., Ontario’s Minister of Transportation Jeff Yurek stated as follows:
“Our government is going to need a lot of steel to build all the subways for the Scarborough, Sheppard, Yonge North, Eglinton West subway extensions and the much-needed Ontario Line,” responded Minister Yurek. “The NDP may want Algoma Steel to not be involved in the process – they may want to shut it down…we need people like Algoma steel and all job creators to put their pencils down, sharpen them up, and be part of the RFP process so we can get the shovels in the ground as soon as possible. We are not giving up on Northern Ontario. We think it is a possibility if they bid right, if they participate in the RFP process, there are jobs, jobs, jobs for Northern Ontario

It’s well received news for anyone with ties to Sault Ste. Marie.

“I’m ecstatic,” said Romano. “A plan of this magnitude will provide a significant boost to the Soo’s economy by protecting and creating many jobs as well as creating great opportunities for the suppliers in many industries and sectors. It’s early days with many details to come forward, but this is an investment that will pay serious dividends for the people in northern Ontario for years to come.”

“We are encouraged by the Ontario Government’s commitment to invest in infrastructure. Subway lines and subway cars equals Canadian steel and Canadian jobs. At a time when the Canadian steel industry is under attack, we would welcome the chance to supply the steel plate,” said Mike McQuade, CEO of Algoma Steel Inc.

With the federal government imposing the carbon tax, failing to lift steel tariffs and waging war on pipelines, our steel industry has faced significant challenges. Today’s news shows the province’s support and commitment to the hard-working men and women of Sault Ste. Marie and across Northeastern Ontario.


  1. Whomever supplies the steel, I hope its of a better quality than was supplied by Algoma steel for the Canadian Patrol Frigates. I have first hand experience that it was inferior. The builders know it was inferior but of course politics played its hand in that shit show as well!. So put that in your ole peace pipes and argue that point for a while.

  2. So, let me get this straight: the budget has forgotten Northern Ontario exists, but because Ford is meddling in Toronto’s subway system, we should be happy because Algoma Steel *might* win a bid?

    What a joke. The subway relief line was already being built. Ford’s involvement has pushed the timetable back, but aside from that, there is no relationship between that and Algoma Steel.

    Also, we’re supposed to just take at face value the unsubstantiated claim that the NDP don’t want Algoma Steel to succeed? It seems the Conservatives don’t even care about being factual. How surprising.

  3. Whatsault or northern transit are you talking about explain … oh you mean ANOTHER new subway line how many is that going now .. I think is the third line ..two are being built now .. so the province gave enough to make 3 . And no viable transportation . Oh yea one northland bus there and back that’s it what else is this city not getting from this government..

  4. There is a absolutely nothing in the budget for Northern Ontario and at this point, Ross should be embarrassed. What a spin to say that we might benefit (if Algoma Steel wins the bid) for a project for Southern Ontario.

  5. Geeeze peeps can we be happy about anything? Honesty so much negativity – makes ya nuts! It would be AMAZING to see Algoma Steel get some of this work! Go Soo! <3

    • Yes, the adult thing to do would be to ignore the cuts to healthcare, education, libraries, social services, after school programs, and legal aid. I would then proceed to clap like a trained seal as money is wasted on vanity projects like our very own, made in Ontario propaganda network, lawsuits that are doomed to fail, and an advertising campaign against the carbon tax based on lies and omission.

      Hopefully I never reach that level of “maturity.”

      Go ahead and prove me wrong, though – explain how our tax dollars going towards changing Toronto public transit makes any sense. Then explain how the changes make any sense in the first place. Then explain how a subway line that was already going to be built is a good thing for Sault Ste. Marie. I’ll wait, I’m sure there’s a very intelligent reason.

  6. Lies. What’s not mentioned is that we’d have to win the bidding process. This was also said in question period, but of course Romano won’t mention that.

    This is Ross Romano grasping at straws because the budget does nothing for the North. The budget has 13 pages outlining plans for the GTA transit and less than a paragraph about Northern transit. But again, we won’t hear anything about that.

  7. lol, this is a non announcement….a grasping at subway straws….a chance to bid If Ross hadn’t voted against the buy Canadian Provisions then this would be automatic not leaving it to chance…

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