Ready, Set, Go! Kubs Race at Station Mall

Kub Kar Races

Excited Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts filled the East Court of the Station Mall on Saturday morning during the annual Kub Kar Rally.

Beaver Scouts race their buggies for practice to when they move up to Cubs when they get older, while Cub Scouts races are timed with awards given out in the end.

The Kub Kar Rally is an event held every spring that started over 30 years ago and has been at the Station Mall for the last 10 years. Cubs begin working on their car – which comes in a kit containing a rectangular block of wood with four wheels and four axles – at home and at their weekly meetings. They’re allowed to shape the car however they want, as well as paint it. There are a few simple rules to follow and before the race, it is weighed. The maximum weight is 142 grams and as long as the car falls within the required weight limit, it is ready to compete.

“This just builds on an opportunity to do stuff and be hands-on and work with others to make it happen,” local Scouts Venture Advisor Steve Mullins told SaultOnline. He said it also helps build communication skills and imagination as they “have to develop whatever image they believe their car should look like and how they build it.”

Mullins said he thinks this is a great opportunity for the youth to interact with others their age, as well as to be competitive and see what other people are doing.

For more information about joining Cub Scouts or volunteering to become a leader, click here.