Romano Talks Budget


The PC Government released their first budget on Thursday, announcing funding for education, seniors and healthcare, and promising to balance the budget after the next election.

ONNtv’s Megan Pounder caught up with Sault Ste. Marie MPP Ross Romano on Friday to see what these changes mean for Northern Ontario.


  1. Romano has lost any credibility he MIGHT have had. Ford…who was Romanos third choice to support for premier is doing hat he think he has to do to stay afloat and be in the good graces of Ford. Romano supports Ford at the expense of those who voted for him. He was not voted in to be a puppet.

  2. So fords first budget will run a deficit higher than Wynnes and Ford and Ross Romano want us to believe this is all good? There is nothing substantial for the north, but we are open for business…?

    • Matt Barbeau the Ontario government currently spends over 12 billion each year on debt service charges left by the Wynne government. They left a deficit of more that 15 billion during their last year.
      The Ford government is running an 11.7 billion deficit.

    • Michael Medaglia maybe the star could get him to elaborate a little more…I’m betting the star reporter has read the budget and would have some tougher questions for him…but it is pretty funny that they’re “looking” for him.

    • Matt Barbeau based on what she’s written so far, I’d have to agree with you. She would be going into the interview well prepared and not just offering him a fluff piece.

      The part that gets me is that her first article on the budget was balanced. She spoke to people representing a whole variety of interests. Chamber of commerce, the college and university had some good things to say about the budget; and people representing healthcare were more critical. She was obviously trying to get a well-rounded picture of what the budget means for Sault Ste Marie. But he still ran. It says a lot.

    • Mike McCleary you nailed it. Almost reluctant to ask any tough questions. This budget runs at a significant deficit and the north has been left out. Romano (who I voted for) seems to have become a puppet.

    • Agree 100% Matt. Romano has been a huge let down and this budget shows there is little for the north. I guess our thought that we would send someone to have a voice at the table is gone. I would never vote Romano again.

      • I find it humorous when comments rebutt by suggesting said person should run for office. One need not have intentions of occupying office to have an opinion.

    • Matt Barbeau that’s exactly it. As a voter you’re entitled to complain when you feel you’re not being represented. Democracy and freedom of expression isn’t just limited to those who seek a position in public office.

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