Safe and Controlled Re-start for Number 7 Blast Furnace Says Steel Plant


Algoma Steel confirmed to /ONNtv on Friday that a problem with the steelmaker’s Number 7 blast furnace has been fixed.

“We did experience an operating upset on our No. 7 blast furnace this past week. Thankfully it coincided with a number of scheduled maintenance outages which has enabled us to minimize overall impact to operations.” Brenda Stenta, Manager of Communications said in an email.

March 8 / 2019 when the plant lost power.

” We have maintained production at select downstream operations and continue to ship steel. A safe and controlled restart of the furnace is well underway. There were no injuries and there has been no impact to staffing levels. ”

Just over a month ago,  reported  thick black smoke and flames were seen  when the plant lost power.  The loss of power forced the blast furnace to shut down.


  1. Be thankful for working safety systems! That is how the safety systems are supposed to work! I’d rather have this shit in the air rather than an explosion that would take out a good chunk of the west end and throw molten iron for miles!

    • Chris Michaud people that key board warrior have no idea how things work in there. People risk there lives everyday in there. They see some black smoke and it’s the end of the world. Safety systems are designed and things like that happen to keep everyone alive. They should research before typing nonsense

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