Sault Surge Aquatic Team Swims Over 8,000 Laps in 2 Hours!


Forty-eight young swimmers swam over 8,000 laps in just two hours in a Swimathon to raise money for the local Sault Surge Aquatic Team.

The youngest swimmer, Isaac da Costa, age seven, trained with the Sault Surge for just two weeks before swimming 81 laps in an hour and twenty minutes. When asked about Swimathon, Isaac said, “I liked it. I was proud of myself.” Next year, Isaac plans to swim 203 laps.

Funds raised through the Swimathon go directly toward providing the best resources, coaching and programs for this successful local swimming team. To date, the campaign has raised $10,580, which is 70% of the campaign goal. Additional pledges from the community are welcome and encouraged and can be made by contacting the club at 705-941-9880 or [email protected] until April 30, 2019.

Sault Surge was founded in 2016 and is housed at the John Rhodes Pool. The team aims to teach competitive and pre-competitive swimmers in a fun, caring, and supportive environment with fairness, respect, and good sportsmanship. Interested young swimmers, like Isaac, can try the club for a free two-week trial period. Isaac noted that the thing that he likes best about being a Sault Surge Waverunner is “everything!”