School bus camera footage to stand alone to prosecute drivers in court

school bus lights

TORONTO — School bus camera footage may soon be enough to prosecute drivers who pass the stopped vehicles in Ontario.

Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek says the regulatory changes will mean an additional witness is no longer required in order to use the camera footage in court.

Yurek says that currently if a school bus driver can’t take a day off work to testify against a driver the camera footage is inadmissible in court.

He says the move is designed to protect children as they are brought to and from school each day.

The government will also introduce a law which, if passed, would permit municipalities to add additional fines to drivers who break the law and pass a stopped school bus.

Currently, drivers who pass a stopped school bus can be charged, face a fine of up to $2,000 and receive six demerit points for a first offence.

Each subsequent offence can lead to a driver being fined up to $4,000, an additional six demerit points, and up to six months in jail.


  1. Does the camera imaging show if the bus lights are flashing? If not, simple video is not enough. Without a driver’s testimony or a witness, every driver could say the lights weren’t activated, or malfunctioned.

    • Derek, the cameras would be activated by turning on the lights, hence automatically known that the lights were on at the time of the infraction!
      Same way a back up camera on your vehicle works when you put it in reverse!

  2. I agree with Karen as well! But to add to this they need to raise the fines from $490 & 6 points to $5000 and 90 day suspension with mandatory driver training refresher course!
    Maybe people will stop for our children!

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