Snow Possible For May 1st?


Don’t shoot the messenger, but there is a good chance Sault Ste. Marie could see as much as 5cm of snow for May 1st.

With that said, there’s also a good chance it will come as rain as well.

The problem is a low pressure system originating in the states and moving north east.  This low pressure system is tapping into moisture  from the gulf states but as it tracks more northerly the rain could become snow or a mix of snow and rain by Tuesday night into Wednesday.

Sault Ste. Marie sits on a dividing line of cooler and milder air and that’s where the problem arises as to what type of precipitation will fall.  Temperatures are expected to fall to the freezing mark overnight meaning we could see the rain change to snow and accumulate by morning. Environment Canada is forecasting 5cm for Wednesday as temperatures stay below normal for this time of year.

Snow on May 1st is common for the Sault region. The most snow ever recorded on May 1st was set on 4cm in 1984 and in 1966 the Sault picked up over 10cm on May 3.

Not to worry however, after Thursday a warming trend will develop when a pocket of much warmer air pushes in.


  1. We do not seem to get SPRING anymore. It goes from winter to summer. Craig…what does the LOOOOOOOOOOONG RANGE LOOK LIKE?

  2. Isn’t it supposed to be rain rain go away ???? Not snow !! Just had a horrid weekend in Alberta …pretty bad when wind wakes me up in the night. And Calgary and area’s close to were an absolute vehicle graveyard. Supposedly going to take a week to get all the vehicles towed off of the major roadways. Be safe everyone !!

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