So, What Exactly is Going on with The Norgoma?

M.S. Norgoma
Photo by Megan Pounder/SaultOnline

As you may recall, after an almost 20-year battle, City Council handed the M.S. Norgoma an eviction notice during a meeting in March, giving the vessel’s owners until Apr. 15 to move the ship to the Purvis Marina at Algoma Steel.

The eviction date has come and passed, yet the Norgoma still sits at its home at the Roberta Bondar Pavilion, begging the question: what exactly is going on?

SaultOnline reached out to some key players in the matter for some answers.

The St. Mary’s River Marine Heritage Centre Board has suggested potential locations for this move, but City Council turned them all down due to logistics. One of this locations was the west pier, opposite the tent, which council denied due to issues with the depth of water and bollards.

Board volunteer Will Hollingshead said those claims are untrue.

“(I) went to measure the west pier (opposite the tent), not only is it deep enough for the boat, it’s long enough to not stick out and there are bollards to tie off to,” he said. “City said all of that wasn’t true to Council…..I checked (last week).”

“The consistency of depth to the full length of the vessel is the main concern,” Deputy CAO Tom Vair told SaultOnline, responding to Hollingshead’s remark. “With respect to the bollards, they are not in the proper location and Cruise ships also use the most southerly bollards on that dock face. We also have reservations from the Canadian Coast guard ship that uses this location throughout the season.”

Both Vair and Coun. Matthew Shoemaker said the ship’s removal from the dock is taking longer than expected due to logistics.

Shoemaker said, to his understanding, the vessel will be moved when the old docks come out, which will be sometime in June when the new docks arrive.



  1. Take the eye sore to Bellevue Park. Dredge out a place by Dog S–t Point and let it rot out there.
    What they should have done with that boat is run it up and down the river as a tourist attraction.

  2. The city is putting all its got into destroying the Norgoma. I wonder what they will target next after the ship is broken up and fed into the blast furnace. Stay tuned. A never ending story.

  3. This city has a nice water front and a lot of historical rich history but for the most part very bland with little happening . Not enough action by the dock aside from the one restaurant and Montana’s I guess .

  4. I think the SRMHC should rename her the “Provenzano”. The objection to her remaining in her present berthing is obviously personal.

  5. What a joke. Shoemaker and Provenzano are all set to waste time and money to distract you all from the sorry shape of our city. Tax and spend socialist do it our way or else mentality. God bless Sault Ste Marie.

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