Students Walk Out in Protest of Ford Government


“We the students do not consent!” and “Who says no? The students say no!” were just some of the phrases chanted by high school students in the Sault during Thursday afternoon’s province-wide walkout.

This walkout – which involved over 800 schools across Ontario – was in protest of the Provincial Government’s recent cuts and changes to the education policy, such as increased class sizes ans changes to the province’s autism program.

Some school boards in the province have written to the education minister with concerns that increased class sizes will mean fewer elective courses such as the arts and skilled trades.

ONNtv went to local high schools to speak to protesters. Watch the video above for more.


  1. Teacher union puppets, weapons, and bargaining chips. I can understand teachers wanting to hang on to jobs, but don’t you think It’s kind of hypocritical to us children, and act as though you’re doing it for them.

  2. What good does this do? All you’re doing is missing class. They ain’t walking out cuz they care about protesting 90% off these students are using it as an excuse to skip class

  3. They are spoiled today. Multi million dollar buildings. Multi million dollar computers and equipment. When we went to school it was about learning that life has challenges, we didn’t have new books we didn’t have the brand new building we learned that nothing is easy and you don’t get a gold star for making a boom boom in the potty.
    In reality, Are people any better educated to survive than they were before? I highly doubt it.
    Everything is relative.

  4. Who even organized this? I have a hard time believing kids had the idea to create such a large walk out based on making cuts because of previous wreck less government spending! Who is informing them? Do they not realize that their kids and their kids will be suffering because of the debt ontario owes? I think people need to look into how rich the teachers federation of Canada really is, you want to talk about a power house. I surprised they don’t own Canada.

    Now people wonder why our system should move to private rather than tax subsidized! Just take a look at tax payers hard earned money and where it’s going

    • Readily available? Or easily available?
      I have a very hard time believing that these issues were not discussed in class, some by teachers who would naturally pick a side.

    • Mike Premo Do you not realize how ‘dumbed down’ our govt is making our school system? Do you know exactly what you’re opposing?
      I have a JK, Grade 3 and
      Grade 10 children/students. If I hadn’t just had surgery I would have picked my two younger children up today and had them support the walk out as well.
      Increased class sizes for intermediate and secondary grades, as well as new math and sex-ed curricula and mandatory e-learning modules.
      There’s nothing good to any of that. And has nothing to do with teaching salaries.
      Some parents actually sat there kids down and had a discussion on the matter. Those parents are tax payers! So their children have the right to expect better from a school system the govt continues to make lesser.

    • these kids dont know how much debt they have in the future because of careless spending anyhow robots will take over all their future jobs anyway so the education will not matter

    • Mike Napierkoski it’s a one sided argument! The teachers obviously are going to be against the governments decision to make cut backs, so yeah the kids are brainwashed. I guess everyone opposed to it likes being in debt by 300-400 billion, the only sub-sovereign province with the highest debt with the least amount of people! Not to mention how is it going to get paid off? The money that grows on trees? No, your kids their kids and their kids! I think all of our governments are out of touch with reality, and use the tax payers as their personal piggy banks, but I’ll pick conservative over liberal any day.. at least the conservatives know when to stop giving money away and see that you can’t spend what you don’t have..

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