Two Chances This Week For a Return To Winter

Photo courtesy Paul Conway

We’re finally seeing the snow melt, the icy grips of winter loosening and we’re looking forward to seeing more grass than snow.

It’s too good to be true right?

Looking ahead on the short range forecast, there is two weather events that will likely drop as much as 5 to 10cm of snow by Thursday night and then another shot of snow on Saturday before we can say we’re in the clear.

The long winter produced above normal snowfall for the area this year, reaching as high as 374cm with 94cm on the ground. In the last two weeks we have seen that melt away leaving us with about 25 to 30cm still to melt.

A disturbance moving into the Great Lakes late Wednesday in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. That same system could move a little north and spread into the Algoma region with a mix of rain, freezing rain and wet snow. Right now there is still a chance that this systm will stay south of the region and impact Michigan only.

A second system is poised to move in late Friday into Saturday that once again could produce 5 to 10cm of wet snow.  The good news is temperature wise , a steady warming trend will develop following the low pressure system on Saturday and boost our temperatures back to normal levels or slightly above normal levels heading into next week and giving us a steady pattern of Spring-like weather.

Photo courtesy Paul Conway