Two Charged with Possession of Stolen Property


On April 4th, 2019 officers with the Patrol Services division of the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service arrested 26 year old Robert Bell of Second Line East and 25 year old Stephanie Folgora of Huron Street.

On April 4th, 2019 police observed a vehicle bearing only one license plate and learned it was stolen. When officers approached the driver, Mr. Bell, he drove the vehicle away at a high rate of speed towards Great Northern Road. Police pursued, and caught up with the two accused and placed them under arrest.

Mr. Bell is charged with one count of possession of stolen property, one count of dangerous driving and one count of driving while prohibited. Ms. Folgora is charged with one count of possession of stolen property. Both are scheduled to appear in court on May 13th, 2019.


  1. Yes. Judges don’t give stiff enough penalties which frustrates police. They nab them and the courts let them go.

  2. Nice to see police are on the job, now if the courts would do their job properly that would be great, but the chances of that happening are slim to none.

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