Windsor Park Hotel For Sale Again


One of the city’s most iconic buildings is up for sale again.

The Windsor Park Hotel is being sold with an asking price of just under $1 million dollars.

The listing was posted over the weekend. The hotel, which dates back to the late 1800’s has just over 70,000 square feet with nine storeys and 65 suites that were transformed from hotel rooms about 20 years ago to become the Windsor Park Retirement Residence. At the time the complex was owned by Dr. Lou Lukenda.

Lukenda donated the building to Algoma University who continued the retirement home for a  short period of time when it was transformed into  an off campus residence  for students about 5 years ago.

Just four years ago the building was sold once again for $825,000 to a Toronto based company but was on the mark a year later after plans to restore it as a retirement home fell through.

In 2016 the building was sold again but plans for the building did not materialize and is now being held by the bank.  The building is being sold “as is”



  1. And again we now find ourselves staring at a perfectly good building that’s been passed from hand to hand & from board room to board room, deliberately ‘facilitating’ it into the ground.

    Now that every one has taken their ‘swing’ at it, draining what ever equity, government grants & bank-loans they could glean from it’s inevitable demise.. they’ve packed up all their ‘great ideas’ pulled the pin & walked away, leaving it to disintegrate into it’s own footprint..

    The pipes blew out recently & I’m thinking, now that the water damage may be beyond a feasible retrofit. The insurance company has settled up & now it’s fallen ‘back to the bank’ as is & where is.. I don’t have a solution just yet, but I sure do admire the problem.. just sayin. “[email protected]”.

    Strange daze indeed..

    • Perhaps you are not aware of what is going on in the structural sense with the Civic Centre & SAH?

      In other words, contemporary architecture.

      I wonder how many considered progress or moving forward with all due respect, in the true sense.

      What about the PUC building!

      I wonder why the STUDIO 10 former building did not get levelled off yet the former elementary school did that used to be on Albert Street West.

      Everyone I spoke to in the prime positions of planning were on board(analogy) with demolishing that place during the so called Bridge Plaza Redevelopment except Mr. James McIntre.

      I shall never forget how angrily he spoke with me in objection.

      How is it he ends up with his name in big letters in the International Bridge Plaza area as well as on the Main Library structure.

      Not that I agree with all that anyways including street names, other demographics as well as erecting statues, plaques etc.

      My personal opinions are automatically not that of the founder or staff of this operation.

      Neither though is my communication for any wrong motive or purpose without any reasonable doubt whatsoever, in my mind.

      • I meant all except Mr. James McIntyre, were on board with me to get that bordello kind of racket usage structure purchased and removed from the ground.

        Even the owner I remember did not at all give me a reason to think he would not have agreed to a money settlement to get rid of the place.

        Would he have just reopened somewhere else?

        Sure did not sound like that to me.

        Reserved Copyrights

  2. In the 80’s I worked for an Electrical Contractor. We had cable feed installs in the basement.
    I just about quit, because of all the cockroaches climbing over me and everywhere. Nasty place then. Idk about now.

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