19 Teachers with ADSB Declared Redundant

Algoma District School Board

Yesterday, 19 high school teachers were declared redundant by the Algoma District School Board. These potential layoffs have come about as a direct result of the Ford government’s proposed increase in average class size ratios from 22:1 to 28:1.

“We have not seen this many redundant teachers in years at the Algoma District School Board,” said Malini Leahy, Teacher Bargaining Unit president in District 2, Algoma of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF/FEESO).

“Despite government claims that declarations of redundancy are routine at Ontario school boards, there is absolutely nothing routine about the alarming number of teachers declared redundant yesterday. This is not business as usual. In fact last year we hired 29 new secondary teachers.”

“Thanks to the Ford government’s cuts, student learning will suffer. Class sizes will balloon, students will receive less individual attention, and the availability of courses will be impacted. This is very bad news for students, parents and teachers alike in the Algoma District.”

OSSTF/FEESO District 2, Algoma TBU represents public secondary school teachers in the Algoma District School Board.


  1. If we hired 29 last year and suddenly 19 are found to be redundant by the school board when forced to audit, then the cuts are apparently doing what they were intended to do – reduce waste.
    That being said, can we trust what we’re being told? Or is this job protection at the highest level.
    Remember several years ago when there was a global economic recession? Many of us took on a reduction in hours and in many cases a reduction in pay (through reduced benefits, reduced commission or even reduced wage rates) and I can assure you we weren’t making $75-100k/yr.
    If educators and educative administrators really “care about educating the children”, at least freeze your wages like the rest of us did.
    At one time teachers were paid well above average because they needed above average education – not the case anymore, many people have 1-2 degrees just to work an average job.
    The average rate of pay in Ontario in 2018 was $58,825 where the average teacher salary was $87,000+
    Extracurricular events are a thing of the past so you can use long hours as an excuse anymore – parent/teacher interviews are now held during the day. There are no more school concerts and parents are now expected to coach, shuttle, etc.
    PA day? I’ve driven past schools, HDSCSB & ADSB offices – they are empty.
    Kids can be brats? Of course! It’s nothing new. Please stop complaining about a profession you actively chose and pursued despite knowing the factors.

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