ADSB Looks at East End Schools To Consolidate


The Algoma District School Board is looking at consolidating three east end schools including Queen Elizabeth, Anna McCrea and Parkland School.

The board is expected to place all three schools under the accommodation review once the Province lifts a moratorium on school closures. The Province stopped school closures as a temporary measure in 2017.

All three schools fall in the 75 to 85 year span.

One possibility is constructing a new school to consolidate the three aging elementary schools on the property of the former Sir James Dunn High School. The ADSB still own that property.

In the last 15 years the ADSB has sold about 22 properties in the city and Algoma District including Bay View, Manitou Park , Rosedale and William Merrifield public schools.


  1. I am baffled by people’s objections to this. Having tiny elementary schools, each of which has limited programming, is silly and wasteful. Combine schools and you get economy of scale…much better programming. Everywhere else I’ve ever lived had much larger elementary schools with much, much better programming! Specialized teachers for math, science, PE, music, art, etc….

    • Abby Obenchain …. And no time for parents… F.h clerge has no time to fill out extra forms parents need. If the school late filling out theses forms the parent(s) lose.

  2. Queen Elizabeth has been on the list multiple times. Sadly, it may be time to close it, and a few others. Older buildings are expensive to maintain, and when the student population is dwindling, we need to prioritize resources.

    • Ashley Rae-Anne you are right!! I sent Raymond to st basils and it’s been hell there because there is no help for him. He needs someone with him and because there is soooooo many kids there, they’ve run out of options. Sucks I have to change him schools because I loved it there for him. But he’s not benefiting anything from being there.

    • Scares me as it is that in 3 years one of my Autistic sons will be entering high school!!! But to think that all these smaller schools could be closing then him having to jump into a super school terrifies me, not to mention how Hunter is going to feel if/when this happens! If his school stays open that at least gives us 3 yrs to prepare him!

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