Algoma Steel Applauds Return to Fair and Just Steel Trade Position


Algoma Steel Inc. congratulates the Government of Canada on the
complete lift of steel tariffs imposed under Section 232 as announced today. This returns Canada and the US to a fair and just steel trade position within a fully integrated North American market.

Algoma Steel CEO Mike McQuade commented on today’s announcement, “Today’s
announcement provides our customers with the confidence that Algoma Steel remains their
partner in steel. I extend our sincere thanks to the current government, who under the leadership of Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Freeland have recognized the critical role of the steel industry in Canada.”

Algoma Steel will remain an active participant in the Trade Remedy Consultation process as we work alongside our Canadian steel industry partners to prevent dumped and subsidized steel and transshipments from disrupting Canadian and US markets.


  1. Trump forced the Liberal’s hand when he applied the dreaded tariffs. China and Mexico have been dumping cheap steel here for quite sometime. Trudeau was asked to speak to this when in China two times in the last two years Sheehan accompanying Trudeau the first trip. Little or nothing was said on this steel problem as far as I can recall. The Hamilton steel caucus sent a petitioned letter asking Trudeau and his entourage to confront the Chinese on a problem that was hurting the steel industry in a big way. I also spoke to Sheehan ‘s office back then. It’s great that the tarriffs have been lifted, but as far as politicians taking credit, I believe that it was Trump who woke our elected officials up…..

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