BlaSters Wants to Say Thank You


Soo Blaster CEO Das Kumar, has been overwhelmed the last couple of years for the warmth his family and businesses have received from the Sault faithful.  ” I want to give back and help our local community and this is why I have taken on this initiative.”

The initiative he is talking about is making a major donation to the ARCH foundation locally.

On June 13, BlaSters will be hosting Liam Kelly, one of Canada’s most sought after comedians to entertain and hand out belly laughs to the attendees.

Kumar has had conversations the ARCH committee and it pledged that 80 % of proceeds  from ticket sales will go directly to ARCH.

“This will make a very substantial donation to the local organization which relies heavily on donations and funding to survive and make the patients as happy and comfortable as they can. Running the local hospice costs hundreds of thousands of dollars” said Kumar



  1. This is another business that will be gone soon due to large overhead and lack of business in the dead downtown core.

    • So nice that you have a supportive spirit in you Ted. I think you missed the point of the article.

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