Canada Summer Jobs are in full swing!


The THRIVE Child Development Centre, a local organization, says federal funding for Summer Jobs has made an impact on the work they do.

“THRIVE Child Development Centre is truly grateful for the Federal Government’s funding of our Summer Students! This invaluable funding allows for children with diverse abilities to be supported not only within our Preschool but also out in community as well to take part in summer activities.  We are grateful to this program for supporting a community of inclusion!” said,  Christianne Monico, CEO – THRIVE

Through over 14,000 annual visits, the 55 skilled professionals at THRIVE provide services to 1,300 infants, children, and their families across the Sault and Algoma each year. Investments like the Canada Summer Jobs program provided by the federal government have increased THRIVE’s capacity to assist more children and families in the Sault.

Terry Sheehan, Member of Parliament for Sault Ste. Marie, met with THRIVE last week to highlight their work in the community.

“THRIVE does amazing work in the Sault and I’m excited for these young Canadians to work with them,” Terry said, “these youth are the reason we invest in the Canada Summer Jobs program.”

Since 2015, the federal government has doubled the amount of jobs created by the Canada Summer Jobs program. This year, following feedback from employers and youth, the government opened the program to all Canadians aged 15-30