City to Implement Parking Enforcement Pilot


After a brief discussion, City Council passed a motion during Monday evening’s meeting to implement a one-year Parking By-Law Enforcement pilot through a third-party organization.

Previously, the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service was in charge of parking enforcement (outside of the downtown core and City monitored lots) on top of their other duties. Due to this, response time was slow (or sometimes non-existent) due to calls of higher priority.

“Police Services completed a preliminary review of the current model, the workload placed on officers and the inability to improve response time due to higher priority calls,” says a report to council.

“It indicates the necessity for an alternative response and the recommendation being made from Police Services is to contract a third party vendor to provide the City of Sault Ste. Marie with parking by-law enforcement.

Under the new model, the police would perform the proper background review on the call and would simply notify the third-party for the enforcement, providing them with the information to attend and issue the appropriate enforcement or tow. The vendor would then report back to the Police so the action could be documented in the call for service.”

Council’s approval means that the city can now go ahead and authorize staff to issue a Request for Proposal.

The results of this pilot project will be brought back to Council as part of the 2020 Budget decision process.


  1. The ever increasing city pay role gets bigger……meaning they’ll now have to increase ticket fees to pay for the new staff. The same tired solution to the same tired problems.

  2. Sarnia ( same demographic as Soo) abolished downtown parking 15 years ago to rejuvenate the downtown core and it worked .I put this forward to the Mayor and he never even messaged me Back .U can’t help stupid .Experience is truth of matter and if u can’t understand-that it’s over which it is in that City

  3. What happened to taxpayers having a say in anything? Says City Council had a brief discussion….and sounds like more work for the police to do all the background investigation and the. contact the third party and give all the info to the third party and then the third party reports back to the police…..This is crazy!!

    • Karen Beilhartz I agree, the people should have a lot more say in what happens with our bi-laws, or anything to do with our politicians making changes!

  4. Did I read this right…taxpayers are funding a 3rd party to ticket parking violations outside of the downtown core? Okay so tell me do the taxpayers benefit from this pilot project??

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