Creating Positive Change through Chocolate

Sweet Change - a chocolate company

The Centre for Social Justice and Good Works (the ‘Centre’) is creating positive change by owning and operating a social enterprise chocolate manufacturing and wholesale company called ‘Sweet Change, a Chocolate Company’. This company is part of a larger training program called ‘Project Entrepreneurship. The program has already been working effectively with the first group of participants since the initial launch and has been achieving results as intended. Project Entrepreneurship is welcoming new participants who are interested in creating positive change!

Project Entrepreneurship is a unique training program that addresses social and employment barriers using a combination of training in life skills, business techniques, employment standards, employer expectations, and entrepreneurship. By participating in Project Entrepreneurship and ‘Sweet Change, a Chocolate Company’, through an interactive and hands-on environment, complimented with a combination of lectures, hands-on training, guest speakers, and experience-based learning, participants will gain customer service, manufacturing, wholesale, and retail skills.

If you are interested in obtaining paid employment, post-secondary education, or starting a business, then Project Entrepreneurship is for you! The cost to participate is commitment to personal goals and the desire to create positive change. In return for a 1-year commitment, participants will gain exceptional work experience, relevant transferable skills, and a strong understanding of business and entrepreneurship.

If you are interested in participating in Project Entrepreneurship and ‘Sweet Change, a Chocolate Company’, contact the Centre by phone at 705.450.4483 or e-mail at ‘[email protected]’. The Centre is hosting individual information sessions for those who are interested. The program start date is June 10th, 2019 with the next intake taking place in November 2019.