Confirmed : Station Mall Walmart To Close


The Station Mall  will be losing their second anchor store – this time Walmart. / ONNtv has learned that the Sault’s second Walmart location will close their doors June 20.

According to reports, which have yet to be confirmed, employees from the Station Mall location will be offered positions at the Great Norther Road Super Store location.

This news follows other major retailers pulling out of the Sault in the last year, including Sears – which was the mall’s first anchor store opening in 1973. Late last year, other major retailers such as  Lowe’s closed it’s Northern Ave location as well as Rona Hardware.

The second Walmart store replaced Zellers in 2012. The Station Mall store occupies approximately 67,000 sq. feet.

Walmart issued the following release Thursday:

Walmart Canada is committed to evaluating their store network to meet customer needs and ensure continued growth strategies.

The company has opened more than 20 stores over the past four years.

As part of the retailer’s store strategy, they will also close two stores – one in Pincourt, Quebec (101 Boulevard Cardinal Leger) and one in Sault St. Marie, Ontario (293 Bay Street).

All associates at these two stores will be offered positions at nearby Walmart locations to better serve customers in these markets.

In the Pincourt area, Walmart Canada looks forward to welcoming customers to nearby stores, including the Vaudreuil Supercentre (3050 Boulevard de la Gare) which offers an expanded assortment including fresh groceries.

In Sault Ste. Marie, customers are invited to visit the newly renovated Supercentre located at 446 Great Northern Rd.

The company does not plan to close any further stores this year.




  1. @chris – it’s primarily because of backwater people like you and your assinine attitude that make me regret moving to this dump.

  2. Sad. That’s the WalMart I shop at all the time. I was at the store today and it was packed with shoppers. I don’t go into the mall, just shop at WalMart. I am in east end and don’t want to go all the way up the hill north.

  3. I called the manager at walmart in the station mall to co firm this and she told me they are not closing so is she lying i dont know

  4. Since the brick and mortar stores are loosing business due to online shopping they should offer incentives to shop their stores.

  5. This city is so backwards it not even funny..why put all these damb store,s up on the hill heading North when we got the best down town water front with lots of available great land to develop of any city in Ontario.. what a bunch of dumb ass,s..stupid stupid build and grow down town come on lets fix this down town up

  6. Maybe Target will locate here? Terrible news for the downtown population. No Grocery store except for Bruni’s City Meats and their inventory is limited.

    • Anyone with a brain can tell you that’s not gonna happen. The Canadian branch of Target shut down years ago.

  7. And the hamlet gets smaller and smaller everyday…pretty soon it will be a gas station and a motel on the highway…just the way it started…adios…

  8. There are a lot of people in this world that don’t have credit cards, which makes shopping on line next to impossible, and with the way the economy is going there is gonna be an increasing number of personal bankruptcies and even more people unable to shop online.. We need brick and mortar shopping, like it or not, and will for another few generations…

  9. Wow that’s sad and more people will be losing their jobs but i never could understand why we needed two Walmarts here anyway. Maybe the Mayor and city council ( the ones who were elected in this city) can finnally get off their fat lazy asses and bring new stores and bussinesses into this city and get people back to work

  10. Suzy sheir closes May 31st, check out sales. Bluenotes closing as well. Soon there won’t be any stores left to shop. Most people seem to be shopping online.

  11. Maybe to make things quicker & easier, just report which businesses are staying open here.
    This city is turning into an atrophying cesspool. I regret moving here nearly every day.

    • Yes it is closing..workers have option if wanting to have job at big Walmart. As for that mall it’s a bad area of town sadly by water front…yes it should be cleaned up and built up first. I’ve lived here 42 yrs and yes it’s going down hill this town but so are many others…I just don’t see how this town will servive if store keep closing. People will leave to get work else where and then what ..oh well enjoy the soo while you can. I don’t think we needed two Walmart’s but a gas station or supermarket should open in that area

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