Doubling of Sault Ste. Marie’s Federal Gas Tax funding will Improve Infrastructure and Help with Jobs

Terry Sheehan, MP

MP Sheehan recently announced, that as a result of Budget 2019 the City of Sault Ste. Marie’s Federal Gas Tax allocation would be topped up with a onetime doubling of funding.

“I wish to congratulate the Mayor, City Council and staff on their discussions on where the additional infrastructure funding of $4,786,625 will be allocated.  This doubling of funds will bring the Federal Gas Tax funding for local infrastructure this year to over $9.5 million.”

“As a former City Councillor I believe that a bottom up approach on these decisions is the best approach for our community’s future.   These additional funds will be in time for this construction season allowing for more needed infrastructure improvements and will help with jobs.”

In addition to the doubling of federal gas tax funding for communities, Canada signed a bi-lateral agreement transferring $11.9 billion to the province of Ontario in March 2018 for various infrastructure projects, including roads, sewers, community, recreation, public transit, green, transportation, rural and northern communities.  The federal government continues to encourage the Ford government to open up infrastructure intakes so that local communities can take advantage of the money which has been transferred to the province.


  1. After sleeping for 4 years…Terry has come alive and is bearing gifts that we paid for. We are not fooled this time Terry.

  2. Terry you make it sound like we are so lucky to get this gift. It is our own money duhhhhhh. Must be an election coming.

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