Ferrochrome Plant Announcement – “a shock to us”

Chief Dean Sayers

It was announced yesterday that Noront Resources Ltd. chose Sault Ste. Marie as the future home of its ferrochrome processing facility.

The announcement was held at City Hall with various speakers including Mayor Provenzano and City Council representatives. Absent from the event was leadership from Batchewana First Nation, the reason was lack of consultation.

Chief Dean Sayers of Batchewana First Nation (BFN) acknowledged that discussions had been initiated back in January of 2018 with the Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corporation but noted that they didn’t go far beyond a simple introduction to the project.

After that meeting BFN leadership issued a letter to the City detailing the First Nations inherent jurisdiction to the territory (outlined for the proposed project) and specified the necessary steps forward to secure consent for the project. Those steps included adhering to BFN’s permitting processes and ensuring that economic gain would not supersede the integrity of the environment and its protections.

There were no further discussions following the initial meeting and there was no response to the letter issued from BFN leadership.

“Reading yesterday’s announcement definitely came as a shock to us. Our First Nation prides itself on forging a positive path forward with resource developers, governments and stakeholders as long as our principled approach is applied and meaningful engagement is maintained throughout the entirety of the project.  The City of Sault Ste. Marie, Noront and other governments are well versed with our Notice of Assertions which details BFN’s position on our rightful jurisdiction” said Chief Dean Sayers.



  1. This can’t happen they are poisining our city ..more CANCER ..just great wtfrig is the matter with our city council give us a break jobs are no use when your sick or dying of cancer !

  2. Never mind what the money grubbing BFN says. We don’t want any more poison in our area the cancer rates are already 4 times higher than they should be. This is destined to be a retirement town and nothing more but that’s even a stretch with the chlorine tainted water and ridiculous home and rent prices plus the horrific taxes. Good time to bail out.

  3. The First Nation should have been consulted every step of the way, bearing in mind the First Nations inherent jurisdiction to the territory outlined for the proposed project. Sounds like if there is a problem, the fault is that of Sault Ste. Marie`s local politicians, and the E.D.C.

    • We had this problem in N.S about a pulp mill that filled the area with cancer The first nations is fighting it at this time Polluted all the water and air! Northern Pulp Pictou N.S. I move back home to the Sault because of this Now it looks like I’ll be moving again back to where that mill being closed down! Health is way more important than jobs! I lost my daughter to environmental cancer! 🙁

    • Patti Cook Hopefully for whatever reason this anti – environment, and anti – health idea will fail to happen. Sault Ste. Marie, On already has environmental & health issues as it is.

  4. Science has proven that they are a blending of Asian, Russian and South American,that basically makes their Ancestors our Ancestors, and since that makes us all related this land should belong to everyone

    • So, basically, if my great great great grandfather (“their ancestors our ancestors”) pushed his cousin of his cousin’s property and forced him to relocate to a less fertile area, and kidnapped his cousin’s kids and forced the kids to abusive schools, and restricted his cousin to the land area the cousin was restricted to that the land should belong to the while family? (“since that makes us all related this land should belong to everyone”) should I not be permitted to expect some type of reconciliation and have my right to say what happens with my family’s land that was taken from my family?

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