Incident on Gore Street

Gore St. Incident

ONNtv / is currently on scene at an incident on Gore Street and Albert Street.

A large Police presence around the entire block  has closed the area to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.  At this point it is not clear of what’s going on however Police tell us that people should avoid the area. has reached out to police, who cannot comment at this time, and will have more on this story when information becomes available.



  1. Most likely found out where their last most wanted and dangerous person is living. Kind of funny right next to police.

  2. I moved back to the soo over 9 years ago. I think it’s time to move out… Permanently

    • It’s not buried it’s now the third story on the front page.. the incident was announced at around yesterday with no comment or update from Police Services. The entire neighborhood was cordoned off and people were told to stay out of the area.. with no explanation or follow up.

      I’m sure Craig is just as curious as Melanie is.. maybe we should all call the Police Station and ask them if it’s ‘safe to ‘walk the streets’.. yet. No worries Craig we’ll keep you posted.

  3. They had swat team in behind building on corner of gore and Albert. I seen 5 officers in swat gear and high powered rifles. Surrounding the building and up on the back steps of the building

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