Justin Trudeau credits immigration for Canada’s growing tech sector


TORONTO — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says immigration is a significant reason why Canada’s technology sector has been thriving.

The prime minister was the first keynote speaker at a technology conference in Toronto.

This is the first time the event, called Collision, is being held in Canada and organizers are calling it North America’s fastest growing technology conference.

Trudeau stressed that Canada has become a major source of talent for tech all over the world and that it’s attracting entrepreneurs to start their business in the country.

He says immigration as well as the federal government investing in education and research has boosted the economy and allowed Canadian companies and startups to flourish.

Trudeau also spoke about the federal government’s recent announcement to create a digital charter that would combat hate speech, misinformation and election interference, saying the framework would focus on Canada working collaboratively with tech companies.

The Canadian Press


  1. It sounds like he’s creating a network to spy on the citizens of Canada, much like George Orwell 1984. Big brother is watching you.

    • The October election cannot come soon enough.
      As much as I HATE the left-right-left-right election shifts, I despise the current PM even more.
      What a mess our country is in now. So tired of this left vs right nonsense, this is NOT what I served our country for.

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