Local church officially designated as welcoming to LGBTQ2 people


Public celebration to be held May 26

Emmanuel United Church in Sault Ste. Marie welcomes all to attend its public celebration of being designated an Affirming Ministry by The United Church of Canada.

This event will take place this Sunday, May 26 during the 10:30 am service at the church at 224 Bennett Blvd. A time of refreshment and conversation will follow in the church hall after the service.The Affirming Ministry designation means Emmanuel now publicly proclaims it is open to all, including those who are lesbian, gay, trans, bisexual, queer, and two-spirited.

The Emmanuel congregation’s vote to become Affirming, held in March, was unanimous.

Emmanuel is the first church in Sault Ste. Marie to receive Affirming status. It was also the first in the Sault to pass an inclusive marriage policy back in2007,giving the minister permission to preside at weddings in the church for persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities.Before declaring themselves to be Affirming, the Emmanuel congregation studied and reflected on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity and committed to work for justice and inclusion within their congregation, the wider church, and the community.

The Affirming Ministries Program was launched in 1992and is a network of primarily United Church ministries who committed to working for justice and inclusion of all people.Emmanuel is fully accessible to those with mobility issues and offers audio conferencing to those who cannot attend services in person.


    • Your comments are off topic. Being an Affirming Church has nothing to do with Gretta Vosper!

    • Tamara Hull-Beck AMEN! Tamara, this is probably the most powerful sentence ever. It can be applied in so many different areas of life and arguments. .
      So many of us need to look in the mirror and take a long hard look at our own behavior, our souls, before proudly professing that we are Christians, sitting around like proud peacocks, opening our big mouths and condemning others in judgement, which again as a Christian is not our job,because at that moment we are no longer a peacock but a Turkey!
      Love one another stop judging one another.
      Love you cousin! ❤

  1. It’s pretty sad that the church (as in ANY of them) need to advertise the fact they are welcoming to different groups. As a person who was raised catholic, I find this kind of sad.

    • I am just putting this out there.. I have a terrible experiences with church and being a lesbian woman.. I was considering going to this event.. I was very anxious and I came on here to find out where it is and then I read these comments. Although not all are negative, I am really disappointed in a lot of them.. I was just talking to my friend about this and ultimately I don’t know what I think about this yet because my story is more complicated then those negative people will ever deserve to know. So although I am scared I will attend tomorrow despite the negativity.

  2. God welcomes everyone, and if the United Church uses the Holy Bible, then that church may condone homosexual marriage but God does not. Marriage is the key word…..

    • The bible also condones murder. There are many times murder comes up and is often requested by God. But then a commandment is not to murder. What someone does with their genitals is none of your business. You should focus on praying for those in your church who are adulterous and divorced, because they shouldn’t be accepted either if you’re so worried about what the bible condones.

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