1. Matt Farrell
    Such talent… hope there are some positive outcomes from this
    Shine on Matt!

  2. If City counselors haven’t figured out yet that almost everybody doesn’t like the new $100,000 logo, then what can happen next? Another stupid idea?
    No wonder taxes are so high here. As they say….”you cant fight City Hall.

  3. These logos by Matt are great. City Hall should admit they made a huge mistake in paying for that awful one, and use Matt’s idea. They should have held a local contest for those who might have had better ideas than this abstract circle that means nothing when you look at it. And I bet if they offered money to the winner , say 5,000 dollars there would have been far better ideas to choose from.

  4. This should have been sourced locally to start with but now that the city has frivolously blown $100,000.00 on their prize useless meaningless logo they will never admit it and agree to switch to an obviously far better one. That’s just not the way things are done around here for some odd unknown reason.

  5. To me this says the Sault, a representation of our past and our future. This will stand on its own two feet and it represents well to others outside our community as well! Great Job Matt!!!!!

  6. This is right on the money!!!. It speaks to who we are with a fresh new look. I’m so disappointed in the new council. They’re listening to the wrong people. Matt, your design makes sense…that’s what is missing from the 100,000.00 circle of waste.

  7. The knucklehead that signed off on the $100K badly overpriced meaningless* logo should be fired and made pay back the $100K.

  8. yes i agree —–one thing that really struck home to me is that only non–taxpayers were asked their opinions —the idiot paying the bill is told to shut up and stay home

  9. This is brilliant! I love it! 1000x better than the nonsensical ripoff of the CBC logo that City Council wasted all that money on. That they didn’t even spend the money on a local talent is insult to injury.

  10. Bring it to council with a signed petition that Saultites want yours. Top right one is perfect, although bottom right is acceptable as well. It’s worth a shot before they( council) implement the one they are sticking us with.

  11. My favourite or the 2 on the right but my first choice is the top right. I prefer the sky to blue. Great job Matt! If our city doesn’t recognize your work hopefully Toronto will pay back and hire you for theirs. 👏🏻👍🏻

  12. Bahahahha..100,000 for the shit one and this guy does it in 5 mins a great one….wow..good job councilors…NOT!..

  13. Hope all Council has read this and are ashamed of themselves for even thinking about hiring an “out-of-town” anybody !! We have talent right here in the Soo..USE IT !! Stop giving our money away..retract your decision and entertain submissions from your own Community !!
    GREAT JOB Matt !!

  14. This version of the logo represents everything that I love about Sault Ste. Marie- local talent, unity, unique identity, natural beauty, and tenacity.
    Over the past few days, the new logo that city council just approved represents more of what people don’t love about this town…
    This kid has a very bright future!

  15. Outstanding job Matt . Hopefully our idiot mayor and 6 councillors are reading this , but hey they care not what the public wants

  16. The upper right hits the mark. Better job than the color by numbers piece we received.

    • yes i agree —–one thing that really struck home to me is that only non–taxpayers were asked their opinions —the idiot paying the bill is told to shut up and stay home

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