Local Organizations Join Forces To Create Algoma Ontario Health Team


On May 15, an application to create an Algoma Ontario Health Team (OHT) was submitted to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care by the following organizations: Algoma District Medical Group, Algoma Family Services, Algoma Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic, Algoma Public Health, Algoma Residential Community Hospice, Autumnwood Group Inc., Group Health Centre, NE LHIN Home and Community Care, and Sault Area Hospital.

In addition, a number of other organizations provided letters of support and commitment to continue to work together to improve health care for people living in the area. Similarly, the proposed Algoma Ontario Health Team is committed to support other teams that provide services to the same population.

The organizations listed have voluntarily come together to complete a Self-Assessment to determine readiness to form an Ontario Health Team. The proposed participants are committing to work together to create one strategy to improve the coordination of health care for residents.

In completing the Self-Assessment, the team included examples of how the organizations are already working together to improve care in Algoma.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care will now be reviewing responses to this first call for Self-Assessments from across the province. In June, it is expected that the Ministry will identify teams that are ready to proceed to the next stage of the process and it will offer support to those where further development work needs to occur. In the meantime, the members of the proposed Algoma Ontario Health Team, along with other partners, will continue to work together and make ongoing improvements to better integrate health care.
OHTs are a new approach in Ontario and there will be much work to be done to implement meaningful improvements. The act of submitting a Self-Assessment to become an OHT does not mean any changes to organization structures, services or governance at this time. The immediate focus will be on voluntarily collaborating to accelerate improvements in the experience of our patients.

For more information on Ontario Health Teams, please go to
For more information on the Algoma OHT Self-Assessment, please contact the Executive
Director or CEO of any of the participating organizations.

Dr. David J. Fera, CEO Algoma District Medical fera_d@ghc.on.ca 705-759-1234

Ali Juma, President & CEO Algoma Family Services ajuma@algomafamilyservices.org 705-945-5050 Dominic Noel, Clinic Director

Algoma Nurse
Practitioner Led Clinic
DNoel@algomanplc.ca 705-942-4717
Dr. Marlene Spruyt, Medical Officer
of Health

Algoma Public Health MSpruyt@algomapublichealth.com 705-759-5421
Theresa Mudge, Executive Director

Algoma Residential
Community Hospice
mudget@archhospice.ca 705-942-1556
Joe Dipietro, President & CEO Cedarwood Lodge jdipietro@autumnwood.ca 705-450-5264

Alex Lambert, President & CEO Group Health Centre Lambert_A@ghc.on.ca 705-759-1234
Jérémy Stevenson, President & CEO

Community Care
jeremy.stevenson@lhins.on.ca 705-840-2872
Ila Watson, Interim President & CEO Sault Area Hospital watsoni@sah.on.ca 705-759-3434