1. After reading everyone’s comments posted here and on Facebook I would vote to keep the old logo. It offended no one, it didn’t use symbols that were offense to some as stated in the comments here and it was simple and elegant. You simply can’t include all ethnic groups, industries and cultures into one logo, so why even try? It just makes a hash of things and creates a symbol that is difficult to understand. “Naturally Gifted” was/is brilliant in its simplicity as it reflects the water and the environment surrounding SSM which were the prime reasons for the city to establish itself here in the first place. Had it not been for the natural gift of a waterway and access to it, neither the fur trade nor the steel industry would have been possible. Natural Gifts offer summer and winter outdoor sports and great areas for for camping, hiking, fishing and cottaging. Those are the benefits that most people new to the area, as well as those who have well-established roots here, appreciate the most. Now all the city has to do is to entice more industries to locate here–no mean feat.

  2. This new logo is just awful. How anyone can think that this will attract youth and others visitors to our city is beyond me. It looks a lot like the CBC logo. The supposed medicine wheel is not recognizable. Medicine wheels are made up of the four colours of races…black, white , red and yellow. I don’t think anyone with Native heritage would recognize that little circle of pastel colours as a medicine wheel. And as for the rest of the logo I believe the colours are pale and uninspiring. They should be bright and bold. I cannot believe City Council shelled out $100,000 on this! There are so many other ways this money could have been spent on things in this city that we really need.This city really screwed this whole thing up. We have so many talented artists in this city, I’m sure, had there been a contest, one of them would have come up with something much better like Matt Farrel did. This new logo is a loser.

  3. It will cost a lot to change the Logo from the old one to the new one on all City Equipment.4
    What a waste of time and money—The old logo meant something—The new Logo means nothing
    Stop the changes now before it is too late to save money for the Taxpayers.

  4. We are a steel town, an iron or steel sphere with the “now old” SSM logo would have said everything about the sault. I agree, there should have been a ‘contest” for our local artists. Look what that kid did in 15 mins, 4 similar but different logo’s. Much better than the one that was thrown at us at the last minute. Sad, that the Saultites as a whole didn’t have a say in what they wanted to represent their city!!!

  5. The logo is terrible, the money spent is ridiculous and the way it was done should be classed as criminal. But my question to the mayor and Future SSM is did hard working taxpayers of the Soo pay for all those tee shirts the chosen few were wearing? If so then that is criminal.

  6. Regardless of what our opinions are in reference to the “design”? To me the money should be spent and applied to the Drug and Homeless crisis that Sault Ste Marie is in. Denial will not cure the problems that the city is facing. How about a logo for that? 🤔

  7. I’m sorry about this however Doug reported a story in the past that he had no facts on ‘ Fake News ‘ my name was in his article he hurt my feelings so I have no respect for terrible shady journalism!! Karma !! I was harassed in my PM by his entourage!! Beat it you know who u are !! Mind your own Business or write the FACTS !! Doug

  8. Why did we even need a NEW logo ? Naturally gifted was easy to understand and meant something to me—This new one means ZERO to me. And I have lived here for a long time.

  9. Governments, being governments, don’t have to do things well, sensibly, or efficiently. Money wasted on a bad idea? No problem…they’ll just raise taxes and fees and get more when they want it. Why wasn’t a local art competition held so people could vote on a preferred design?

    • Yes people are flocking here , the highway is backed for miles wanting to see the kaleidoscope logo that will guarantee jobs and new industries

  10. The symbol should have been made like the symbols that were on the Bondar tent that were falling off, slowly fading and forgot about.

  11. I agree Doug, the new logo is a puzzle seeking clarification not a logo easily identifiable and worthy of a community. Some idiots tried too hard to placate certain sectors of the community and surrounding area that has failed the majority.

    The thing sucks big time.

    • Our indigenous allies should have been recognized in all of our city’s logos IMO.

      Their historic Meeting Place is where the story of Sault Ste. Marie began, where it has grown through the coming together of many many cultures, and where our future success lies whether our city’s racists like it or not.

  12. Where the h… was Shoemaker on this one? He is so he’ll bent on saving money and raising it with high priced parking tickets for our dead down town one might think he would object to this obvious nonsense. I liked the one we had.

    • Shoemaker voted against the logo. He said he liked everything about the new marketing package except the logo. He wanted the old logo updated like you Betts.

  13. The logo contains a medicine wheel, which is a pagan symbol used by aboriginals, wiccans, celtics, and new agers. It is unacceptable to anyone who rejects pagan worship. Personally, I will not accept anything with this logo on it for that reason – and for the fact that the logo is simply ridiculous. FutureSSM and City Council really missed an opportunity here to involve the entire community in what could have been an enjoyable exercise at the local level. It’s an example of the disconnect between those being paid to ‘lead’ and those who are simply paying the bill.

  14. For $100,000… ya, he could of gave us options in the first place, NOT try and shove something down our throats… sorta kinda reminds me of someone…. trudeau.

  15. Q/ Who knew this logo was being developed over the past two years?

    A/ 750 hand-picked people, and nobody else.

    The problem is that the vast majority of Sault citizens had no idea this was being done never mind being included in its creation.

    And the media, who expose citizens to the ideas and products being developed by our municipal leaders, WERE EXCLUDED so nobody in the city other than the 750 hand-picked people had any idea about a new logo until 5 days before it magically appeared (after 2 years of behind the scenes work) for approval.

    Hence the backlash.

    Our Mayor and Council caused this problem by not including us or the media THROUGHOUT the process.

    Change is hard.

    Inclusion helps.

    Media inclusion is ESSENTIAL especially in this day and age of screen-bound citizens.

    • Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with what Futuressm is up to. They regularly report to council and their website has everything you need to know. Move on Mark.

      I like the logo.

    • The logo is irrelevant H0nest 0pinion.

      It’s the way this Mayor does everything behind closed doors with his hand-picked yes-sir-three-bags-full-sir peeps until he emerges with these grand plans he wants a yes or no on with his city council, and which he rams down the throats of us everyday citizens who are forced to pay his grand plan bills (exactly like GP said above).

      Not including us citizens and bill payers in the creation of our shared grand plans for our city at big financial cost to we bill payers is what everybody is complaining about with this logo.

      Of course it makes perfect sense to those who were involved, and no sense to the citizens who were not involved.

      It’s supposed to represent our city, and every citizen, without exception, has THEIR OPINION about the kind of logo that represents OUR CITY.

      It was a mistake to not include everyone in the logo creation at every stage of the process and especially through the media.

      The Naturally Gifted form, or the Cicular Brdidge Medicine Wheel form, or a Sault Seagull Swoosh form, or any other form or combination of forms of the eventual logo could have easily been worked out in MONTH ONE of the two year process.

      But this Mayor doesn’t have the time or political inclination to deal with the messy type of real citizen input and collaboration that these things take to get something that everybody is equally happy/unhappy with.

      The Mayor thinks his judgement is pretty good, and it usually is on most thing, but quite obviously not on everything.

      Besides he’s only got three and a half years left to execute HIS GRAND PLAN for our city that we will all pay for ONE WAY OR THE OTHER.

      Like I said @H_0, the logo doesn’t matter. Inclusion matters. Especially media inclusion.

      The Mayor could have avoided all this backlash if he had simply invited everyone to join this city-representing initiative like he should have.

  16. It is terrible it doesn’t reflect our city at all,and it certainly doesn’t draw tourists to our city,,a round ball with different colours hows that draw people in,,the city as a whole should of had a say.

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