Motorcycle Gangs Targeted By Law Enforcement


(OTTAWA, ON) – Starting today and continuing over the ride season, police and public safety partners are taking to social media to remind Canadians that outlaw motorcycle gangs remain a criminal threat to our communities.

While the vast majority of motorcycle riders are law-abiding citizens, extensive criminal networks within the outlaw biker community continue to profit from illicit activities like drug trafficking, fraud, counterfeiting, money laundering, contraband smuggling, extortion, violence and illegal gaming.

Outlaw motorcycle clubs often take part in legitimate charitable events and other public relations efforts to portray themselves as good-natured free spirits. Popular television shows in recent years have unfortunately glamorized the gangster lifestyle and likely helped organized crime groups attract recruits and supporters.

Under the auspices of CIROC (the Canadian Integrated Response to Organized Crime), participating agencies will feature anti-gang messages across a variety of social media platforms and point to sources of more information online.

We encourage social media followers to share the messages and information in order to help educate the public about outlaw motorcycle gangs and raise awareness of their negative impacts.


  1. As Sid more or less said don’t get in their faces and should be no problem. OMG’S can be a problem usually when rivals are near. Staying away from places they might hang out at is best, especially if one is not comfortable around the 1%’s.

  2. I have been riding for over fifty years. Know a lot of 1%s and have never had a problem with any of them. Cops should be looking out for the terrorists more than bikers. Best advice, mind your manners and be respectful.

  3. Thank-gawd we haven’t heard of any bikers out there attempting to high-jack or illegally breaking into museum boats in our marina. Knock on wood, but they haven’t tried setting up open-air injection sites for junkies on Gore St or James Town either.

    However it’s probably just a matter of time until they start encouraging hookers & dealers to wonder freely around the down-town core & at all hours of the night kicking in doors pretending to be gangsters.. “yo yo.. where’s my ten bux biatch.!!”

    Then It’s probably only logical that they collaborate with subsidized production companies to follow our junkies around copping their dope for an ‘eye-opening’ award winning documentary raising awareness & advocating 20 million dollar contracts for beds that have already been bought and paid-for..

    Seriously, it’s just a matter of time until we find ourselves listed with the second highest murder-rate per capita in Ontario. oh wait, no sorry that’s not our bikers. I must have got my reports & statistics twisted.. yeah some of those ‘Bikers’ could really use a better muffler-system, just sayin.

    Support your local chapter.. we may be the only hope you have left.

    Strange daze indeed..

  4. Hopefully they’ll action some of the bikers here in SSM. Crazy loud motorcycles with pull patch riders being aggressive on the roads. In plain sight, not even hiding.

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