Ontario government cuts $46M from provincial police budget


TORONTO — Ontario is planning to cut about $46 million this year from the provincial police budget.

The Progressive Conservative government’s expenditure estimates for this year show the funding drop, which largely comes out of “field and traffic services.”

Solicitor General Sylvia Jones says she has faith that the leadership of the Ontario Provincial Police will be able manage challenges within the new budget.

A spokeswoman for Jones says the funding reduction relates to “streamlining” corporate offices and improving vehicle maintenance so the fleet lasts longer.

Marion Ringuette says no police officers will lose their jobs.

The NDP question why the OPP budget is being cut just as the government announces a pilot project to raise speed limits to 110 kilometres an hour on sections of three 400-series highways.


  1. Here we go again…… They said NO to Dougies pick to head up the OPP so he gets even by gutting their budget…One day you will call the police and he can’t come because he has a flat tire or out of gas because of this moronic move…Sad….

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