Ontario to end Beer Store deal; would pave the way for beer in corner stores


TORONTO — The Progressive Conservative government has tabled legislation that would terminate a contract with The Beer Store.

The previous Liberal government signed a 10-year deal with the brewers that permitted an expansion of beer and wine sales to hundreds of grocery stores.

Premier Doug Ford has indicated he plans to put beer and wine in corner stores, but he has to break that agreement to do so and the industry has warned that could trigger steep financial penalties.

While tabling today’s bill, Finance Minister Vic Fedeli said the current system is a monopoly that is a bad deal for consumers and businesses.

The legislation comes after the province’s special adviser on alcohol delivered a report Friday to Fedeli on ways to improve consumer choice and convenience.

“The idea that only government or corporate monopolies can be trusted to sell alcohol in this province is ridiculous. We are thrilled the Ontario government is acting on a long-standing Canadian Federation of Independent Business recommendation to include independent, family-run stores in the beer market, finally bringing Ontario alcohol retail into the 21st century.” – CFIB president, Dan Kelly.

The Tories also announced a number of loosened alcohol restrictions in last month’s budget, including allowing alcohol to be served at 9 a.m., seven days a week, letting people consume booze in parks, and legalizing tailgating parties near sports events.


  1. Don’t drink. Don’t care if people throw their money away on overpriced problem causing booze.

  2. I do not see any mention of how much taxpayer dollars will be used to get the government out of the deal with the beer stores. I suspect we will be shocked with the amount necessary.

  3. Why not! If you can’t give them good jobs, good education or good health….you might as well make them happy with more places to buy booze, along with their cannabis. After all, that’s what you want…happy, complacent people who don’t care about anything else.

  4. If you can’t make it to the Beer Store during regular hours, you don’t need it that badly.
    There are far more important issues to be dealt with.

    • I mean if you’re retired and have nothing better to do all day…. sure
      But when you work 12 hour days and have other daily commitments that take priority, then maybe this is a good thing…
      The world no longer exists in the 9-5 realm

    • What 9 to 5? They’re open till 9pm and later. You can’t plan things so you can have 10 minutes to pop in there and stock up, maybe getting shitfaced shouldn’t be your first priority. Nobody needs to buy beer at 3 in the morning. That’s not a good scenario for anybody.

    • Rick Deevey it’s none of your business or the governments when or how people buy their booze. Everyone knows it was a monopolization on our liquor and beer anyways!

    • Rick Deevey I’m talking about the 9-5 that you think everyone else works… What about steel plant/tube Mill workers… What about people that work later in the day or graveyard shift workers… It’s not your place to judge me or anyone else about the time alcohol is purchased.

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