1. I really have no problem with changing the city logo..it is possible the old one has run its course.. the problem I have is that I don’t see what they are telling us the new logo contains so how would out of town people get it?….we have some extremely talented artists in town with some great minds and vision…IMHO the city would have been better off having a contest…. would be interesting to see what would have been offered.

    • John Naccarato I’d be interested to know if there has ever been a successful municipal rebrand based on a community vote or by a small firm without a sufficient portfolio of large scale rebrands. Part of the due diligence that needs to be done when using tax money is risk management. This often means going with companies that have proven the ability to handle projects similar to what you are undertaking and investing in more consultation and input sessions than the private sector would do for similar projects. This also adds to the cost

      Seems to me in this age that public opinion votes and online input just turn into magnets for trolls. That’s how Boaty McBoatface came to be 😂.

    • Kurtis McDermid I certainly hope this works…there is no doubt in my mind rebranding wouldn’t hurt this city….. I do think the general public is tired of consulting money…weather they understand it or not 😁…and as far as the new age public opinion I think you gotta have some extremely thick skin to put anything out there now days….cheers

  2. I just don`t get how this represents the Sault in any way shape or form And the cost….$100,000 dollars!!. It`s crazy. I too would like to know who voted for this. Naturally Gifted was much better. and BTW, a Medicine wheel`s colors are Black , white, red and yellow!

  3. Well ONNtv will you interview each councillor that voted for this stupidity? And if they say no to the interview will you call them out on it ? Lou Ann and Tim are you listening ?

    • Actually it wasn’t my article, but one from a very talented graphic artist – my name was mistakenly left in the byline. But I agree with you Jennifer

  4. Thanks for writing this enlightened piece. I am also having trouble with the multiple overlayering of images and it has to be explained to me! Costs too much and is trying to do too much.

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