Prime Minister To Make Sault Visit Friday

Prime Minister Trudeau and MP Terry Sheehan visit the Algoma production complex in Sault Ste. Marie. March 14, 2018. /// Le premier ministre Trudeau et le député Terry Sheehan visitent le complexe de production d’Algoma à Sault Ste. Marie. 14 mars 2018.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will make a quick visit to Sault Ste. Marie Friday morning.

Trudeau will make an announcement at Algoma Steel No. 2 Gate, Administration Building
105 West Street. It’s expected Trudeau will talk about the steel tariffs recently lifted from the U.S. Trump administration.  The Prime Minister will also meet and talk with Algoma Steel employees



  1. Trudeau has a delusional outlook on reality. He has destroyed every province in this country. If it wasnt for Trump we would still be in the business of dumping chinas steel. He openly bringing in trained isis fighters here and should tried for treason. Not only for the Lavin episode but for signing canada into the paris climate hoax and for signing our sovereignty over to the UN. Which is a terrorists cartel.

  2. Following the path of least resistance & the allmighty photo-op..

    Fist-pumping multi-million dollar incentives, sunshine salaries & performance bonuses to the very same people who ultimately screwed us all for tens of millions of dollars in additional taxes, lost jobs & anticipated revenues that we will continue to pay for long after the illusions of ‘free-weed’, fake prayer mats & ‘feel-good’ media hashtags have failed us all.. this is what we get for turning our elections into a popularity contest.

    A vote for ‘Direct Democracy’ is a spoiled ballot & ‘None of the Above’.

    Strange daze indeed..
    [email protected]

  3. justin trudeau just finished his apology tour in Sask. today. Once again, apologizing for something that happened 100+ years ago. But, justin won’t apologize for something he did- putting an innocent Vice-Admiral & his family through hell, and then hosing the taxpayer for the $500,000+ legal bill that should have been paid out of trudeau’s own pocket. Watch tomorrow folks, justin will have his expensive suit jacket off, his sleeves rolled up and a bunch of hard working steelworkers surrounding & cheering him. For what ?? trudeau is the reason we had these steel tariffs in the first place. It cost Algoma Steel about $1Million/day for these tariffs. A lot of local jobs in jeopardy because of this pompous pm and his complete incompetence. Why doesn’t justin go apologize to Ms Wilson-Raybould, Ms. Philpott and Vice-Admiral Norman. Do something worthwhile with your time !! Not simply looking for another photo-op………….

  4. God Bless Trudeau.. He’s done so much for people on disability bringing in plans for a basic universal income. My heart goes out to him..

  5. On a more serious note, the PM is visiting because of two things, the hated Trump forced Trudeau ‘s when he put tarriffs on steel, prior to that the steel industry needed his attention but it never came, dumping of cheap steel from Mexico China etc. The other reason, and likely the main one, is the October election. Most people know he is green energy oriented and doesn’t care much for smoke stacks, he does care about votes though…..

  6. Congratulations Mr. Trudeau, you single handedly destroyed the Liberal government by becoming the most corrupt Prime Minister in Canadian history and proving you’re a Globalist as opposed to representing all the Canadian tax payers and Canada. Good riddance chum, be sure to shake Mr. Scheer’s hand on your way out of the office.

    • Renaldo Taurozzi Scheer has denounced any ties, or support to the White Nationalists. That was simply a Trudeau government ploy to undermine Canadians and to persuade Canadians to stay away from the Scheer government. More lies from the not so Honorable PM…

    • Memories are short…Wasn’t that long ago that Mulroney almost totally obliterated the Conservative party… Now we call him a senior statesman and let him preach about how it should be done….People are just never happy no matter what party is shafting you….LOL…

  7. Save us the jet fuel and costume related expenses plus the hot air when you get here. Stay home and await your dethroning, Mr. Dressup.

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