Protest Small But Message Loud and Clear


A Small group gathered at the Sault Ste. Marie Court House grounds Wednesday to protest a number of the Ford Government polices from healthcare to climate change.

The small group in the Sault joined in solidarity with those from more than a dozen other cities in Ontario calling for a general strike against the Doug Ford government.

The province-wide event, referred to as the  May 1st General Strike Against Doug Ford”

“I’m deeply concerned about the cuts from the Ford Government” Protestor Amanada Zuke told / ONNtv, “

The event asks for Ontarians to take one hour off work on May 1 in an effort to put a halt to provincial budget cuts by the Ontario government. I am an auntie to a lot of wonderful children, some of whom have autism, some rely on programs like OHIP plus and other programs affected by these cuts”

“we saw how devastating the cuts were during the Harris years, and now more than ever, we need those strengths  and when you see those cuts to healthcare and education, that is our future” said Kara Flannigan, a local environmentalist and former candidate in the provincial election for the Green Party.  “People have a right to be upset”


  1. I think that the entire country should take a day off of work in protest. That should shake things up for the 1%. The rich don;t like it when they are not getting richer.

  2. He is cutting from the wrong places especially in education and children with special need ( autism) . From these comments i can guarantee none of you have any family on the spectrum and did not loose your funding last month . Dont let me have to defend myself over the funding i do get its measley .

  3. 60% of voters don’t support ford… weird. Conservatives won by majority, He’s better than any liberal including wynn!

    When your province is 360 billion in debt, what do you think he should do? He doing what a responsible government does, makes cuts to clean up the mess Wynn made!

    I’d like to know where the duck these people were when Wynn was selling us down the drain and spending like a fanatic? But now you have a voice and blame the guy trying to fix ontario? I give him props for even getting into this mess of a province!

    • Mike Premo How soon they forget how McGuinty and Wynn’s buried us in debt, the gas plant project over one billion dollars for nothing,…notice it is people who are only concerned about about their own special interest rather than the betterment of the province…Liberals spend…but people forget, it is taxpayer money, not Liberal’s money..then as soon as cuts have to be made…they start to protest…well in the 70’s and 80’s I was a working mother of a special needs child..Living in Windsor at the time…I took him to London frequently to see a special neurologist…no one paid my way but me…I did not ask the gov’t for a cent…he was my child.. I did what was best for him…at my expense…so people can just stop with their special interest needs…it is not the responsibility of the tax payer…oh check out what the Federal Liberals are doing with our money!

    • Might I remind you that the Ford government’s recent budget will pour billions into a dubious plan for subways (because of Doug Ford’s obsession with Toronto politics and particularly transit), and will run a deficit of more than 10 billion dollars? This government also has no problem with handing out money to help launch casinos or other gambling venues. So we’re seeing cuts in health, education and social services while still piling more money onto the provincial debt.

      • The subway in Toronto was going to be expanded on way or another.
        Why do you feel the government should not be required to cut back on costs when it is 360B in the hole?
        By the way, the government has no money until it takes our money.

    • Linda Moldovan very well said Linda, I couldn’t agree more with your mindset! It basically boils down to political corruption these days, our politicians need to be accountable for their actions! We need an appointed government sector that watches our politicians with a close eye. I’ve always thought hat anything that our government does whether it’s provincial or federal, the people should make the vote, not our politicians, too much corruption. They do what’s right for them and their pockets, not for the people!

      There will be an uprising soon

    • Hardly. One of the problems we are facing as a province is that we have a government labeling all opposing views as fear mongering. Standing up against cuts to public services is not really fear mongering.

      I’ll give you an example. I was told by Ross Romano that all medical services were under review for potential cuts in OHIP coverage. He says he can’t name a specific service, but called it fear mongering when I questioned if my diabetes services would continued to be covered. I’ve simply asked for a reason not to be nervous or not to be concerned about my healthcare coverage, and have not been given any answer at all. Is it fear mongering to question a government who has offered little to no transparency when making cuts to these essential public services?

      Demanding more from our government is hardly fearmongering.

    • Mike McCleary we also have a federal govt who labels you as a white supremacist or racist for having concerns about our country.
      And I’m not speaking out against protesting…more power to them. Im calling out Flannigan for her constant fear mongering about climate change.
      Also, like the current liberals in Ottawa, the previous Ontario govt sure didn’t do much for Ontario, and now Ford has to play catch up.

    • Mike Napierkoski I don’t really see it as playing catch up, though. Ford has cut some essential public services all while giving MPPs a 20% raise, investing $10million annually into horse racing, potentially paying $100 million or more to sell alcohol at corner stores. Tax payers also just paid for him and his Ontario News Now team to go to NY, which is completely irresponsible.

      As for the federal government, I think it’s important that I point out that I do not like Trudeau. He’s the king of virtue signaling, and had created a lot of mess. But with that being said, I’ve done a tone of research into the parties on the right, and there are so many far right hate groups in Canada who identify with Scheer and Bernier. It kind of concerns me. I’m not suggesting that all people on the right are cut from the same cloth, but the fact that Bernier refuses to denounce the white nationalists, and has been seen having his picture taken with well-known neo nazis is concerning.

      Scheer also has ties to personalities like Faith Goldy, who has a very controversial past, and hasn’t until recently, denounced white nationalism in Canada. He shouldn’t have had to been pushed to do that. Hate groups are on the rise in Canada, and we need a leader who can unite Canada in an effort to squash these groups once and for all. Trudeau making all right wing supporters feel as if they are white nationalists is only going to fuel that movement, and leaders on the right not seriously denouncing the hate groups is empowering them.

      Canada is at a dangerous crossroads right now, and I think our Federal leaders are kind of failing all of us here. Long story short, I think all of us can agree the hate groups need to stop, and I just wish they weren’t politicized the way they have been as of late. We just need to stand against it together, and Canadian politics have really prevented that from happening.

    • Mike McCleary as far as the hate groups…their visibility has increased in response to the radical left and the pandering that the liberals do to them.
      Faith Goldy is not a racist, but unfortunately has to have an approach to these matters that she feels is equal to the radical left’s approach…in my opinion.
      We need to stop coddling the 12-25 yr old age range and allowing them to hijack the narrative.
      There is definitely an immigration problem in this country, and definitely in this province, which no doubt adds strain to the economy and social services.

      Bernier is who we need to reset and get Canada back in the hands of Canadians who are wanting the best for Canadians. Sheer seems as power hungry as Trudeau. And yes, Trudeau has been awful.

      As for Ford, he’s clearly not the best. But it was obviously going to be PC after the disaster that Wynne was.

      I’m not against immigration at all, but Canadians should obviously come first, including vets, homeless, and to get the healthcare that we deserve.

    • Mike Napierkoski you had me TIL you said Bernie He is every bit as clueless as Trudeau Too many of his policies copy Trudeau’s so he would be no better

    • Anne King but Bernie has principles that are the base of his platform.
      Stopping the corporate handouts, fixing the open door immigration policy that Trudeau encouraged, ending the catering and coddling of special interest groups, and most importantly, putting Canada and Canadians first.

    • I hardly think they’re idiots for standing up for what they believe is right. Having the freedom of expression and the ability to protest is part of what makes Canada a great county. If you don’t agree with it, don’t support it. Also, please explain how this is fake news?

    • This stupid leftist news org puts three people protesting as if it matters.Fake news. The same leftist fake news org would see hundreds or even thousands in a prolife protest and ignore it completely or pretend a handful were there.

    • Marc Dupuis it’s not a leftist news org. Also, it’s not Sootoday as you suggested above. You’ve obviously missed the fluff pieces they’ve given Romano. Besides, 3 people protesting has more of an impact than you complaining on Facebook.

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