Roll with it – Automated Waste Collection begins July 2


Beginning this week, the City of Sault Ste. Marie will roll-out its automated waste collection program. New waste carts will be delivered to residents and placed at the end of driveways by GFL Environmental; a process that will take several weeks to complete. One cart will be provided free of charge to each residence. Instructions for the use of the carts will be included upon delivery and will be placed under the lid of each cart. Roll-out carts cannot be used until July 2.

“GFL provides automated waste collection services to many municipalities across North
America and we’re proud to bring this service to the City of Sault Ste. Marie.”, says John Martella, District Manager, GFL Environmental.

The City’s Public Works team has been studying the routes to ensure efficiency of pick-up.
Scheduled collection day for some residents may have changed. If your day has changed you
will receive information from the City confirming your new day or you can visit to verify.

“We are committed to providing a safe, environmentally responsible and efficient waste
collection service for our municipality,” says, Susan Hamilton Beach, Director of Public Works.
“The new automated waste collection service will provide added convenience for residents,
minimize litter on local streets and reduce safety risks for staff during the waste collection
process. Roll-out carts are more maneuverable and safer for residents because there is no
carrying or lifting of heavy garbage bags or carts.”

In order for carts to be collected it is important to leave at least one metre (3 feet) of clearance between the cart and any obstacles such as parked cars, poles, leaf and yard waste bags and recycling containers. Carts should be placed on a flat surface near the edge of the curb or end of the driveway on collection day. Residents should place their cart out at 7 a.m. to ensure pickup.


  1. Self check outs, automated trash collection… 🤔 …and lets take a look at the economy.
    Unemployment rate rose to 5.8% (in January) For a visual thats nearly half the rate of during the 1980s recession!

    Dystopian future? 🤔

  2. A quick question? Do these new bins have a animal proof lids? If not, much of the garbage will end up on our city streets.

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