Local Lawyer Appointed to Justice of Ontario

Pridefest 2017 Flag Raising
MPP Ross Romano pictured with his wife and their 3 boys.

Sault Ste.Marie Conservative MPP Ross Romano’s wife, Heather-Ann has been appointed to the Ontario Court of Justice a press release states. The appointment takes effect on May 23.

Heather-Ann  Mendes is one of six new justices appointments  by Attorney General Caroline Mulroney on Monday.

Justice Heather-Ann Mendes has been in private practice in Sault Ste. Marie since 2005, focusing on family and child protection law. Justice Mendes has also been a panel lawyer with the Office of the Children’s Lawyer since 2008. She has been a family and child protection mediator since 2013 and a Deputy Judge for the Small Claims Court since 2016. Justice Mendes has volunteered with the Art Gallery of Algoma since 2009.

Chief Justice Lise Maisonneuve has assigned Justice Mendes to Sudbury

Ross Romano , a former councillor and local lawyer was elected to the provincial parliament in June 2017 as part of a local by-election. Romano was then re-elected last June under leader Doug Ford.


  1. Please stop blaming her for her husband, as I’m sure there are days for her as for most of us when you regret past decisions… Ross just found a parade and got in front of it….Way to go for her…….

  2. Well done Heather. This accomplishment was made on the merits of your hard work and your own two feet!

  3. This is an amazing achievement for Heather! A women full of integrity, confidence and determination. She has earned this honour in her own right and it shouldn’t be intermingled with her husband’s politics.

    • Art Osborne it wasn’t a mistake. Women (in the media, for the most part and those), especially of colour are only valued by their association to their male counterparts.

  4. Ew I had so much respect for her until I knew she was married to him 🤮.

    What a shame that such a bright and capable woman would allow herself to become nothing more than “his wife”

    Blek blek blek

  5. She’s actually a very good lawyer … honest as well! I used her & didn’t regret it … she’s very well known as herself & her work not just for being his wife!

  6. Wow more conservative corruption and nepotism but remember romano is fighting those spoiled and greedy cancer patients so our good friends the big corporations can get some well deserved tax breaks.

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